Stage 1 performance options for a BMW

Are you a car enthusiast looking for the best performance options for your BMW street car? When seeking BMW performance parts, look to Stage 1 options that deliver power and high-quality output. By making these factors a key priority, you’ll make your investment worthwhile.

As they say at CarBahn Autoworks, “With performance options that deliver high but safe output, you’ll maximize your BMW’s efficiency.” Measures like these will help your BMW be more competitive and safe on and off the track.

Today, we’ll discuss some of the best Stage 1 BMW performance options and how they can benefit you.

Updating Your Air Intake System

One way you can increase the performance of your BMW is by replacing your stock air intake system. One way to do this is to replace it with an aftermarket air intake system. With a cold air intake system, you’re able to improve the quality and acceleration rate of your BMW.

This system is on the exterior of the engine compartment. What this does is help draw in colder air than the one going around inside your engine compartment. When this air becomes cooler than before, the denser oxygenated air provides more power to your engine.

With BMW performance parts like a cold air intake system, you’ll stand to maximize your BMW’s efficiency.

Upgrading Your Exhaust System

Exhaust systems are also essential in enhancing the performance of your car. Like with air intake systems, exhaust systems help strengthen your car’s airflow.

Imagine that the intake/exhaust system is like a pair of lungs — it breathes air in and then out. If the function of attracting air is addressed but not how it goes out, you’ve only done half the job. 

With an aftermarket performance exhaust system, you’ll be able to address this issue. An up-to-date exhaust system helps make the airflow through your BMW’s engine more efficient. It does this by routing a clear path for the used fuel and air combination to leave your car.

By addressing the exhaust system, you’ll be able to maximize your car’s performance on and off the track.

Upgrading Your Suspension Parts

BMW performance parts like performance suspensions do more than turn your BMW into an off-road car. These parts allow you to do four things:

  • Achieve more stability while making hard turns at high speeds
  • Feel more in control of your car
  • Speed up more efficiently
  • Stop at a moment’s notice

Suspension parts like coil springs and sway bars help give your car a firmer suspension. Upgrades like these give your car solid rigidity and lead to the best performance. 

Using Tuners And Programmers To Maximize The Performance Of Your Car

Since many cars today are tech-based, we must discuss ways to upgrade the tech performance items in BMW engines. To program and tune your BMW, you would do so through its engine control unit. The ECU optimizes the car’s operation according to the average driving habits.

Recently, the BMW would be tuned and programmed at settings most useful for average drivers. Today, BMWs are capable of much more than the past average.

To overcome this, you’ll need to upgrade to programmers and tuners that alter the ECU’s settings. By taking this step, your car will gain more power and efficiency. Not only that, but you’ll be able to maximize your car’s efficiency in the process.

Choose BMW Performance Parts That Help Transform Your Car

If you want Stage 1 BMW performance parts for your car, look to make performance a top priority. Prioritizing Stage 1 options will make your car more powerful and productive. Proactive measures like these will help maximize your car’s performance.

With top-quality performance upgrades, you’ll stand to gain the best value for your investment.