Soft Serve Machine: 7 Things You Need To Know!

Soft serve ice cream is summertime bliss. Go to the store, pick up a cone and enjoy a sweet treat on a hot day. However, if you’ve ever wanted to create your own soft serve but were worried about it being complicated, here are 8 things you need to know about soft serve machines. You will be able to save a lot of money using this machine instead of buying ice cream from restaurants regularly.

Commercial Soft Serve Machines

Soft-serve machines make it quick and easy to create delicious frozen treats. They can be used to serve up everything from ice cream cones to milkshakes and more. If you own an eatery that serves beverages, these machines are ideal for providing your customers with tasty frozen drinks.

These machines come in many types and styles. Some models include timers and auto shut-offs, making them safe for use in busy kitchens or dining areas. You’ll also find different options regarding capacity – some models can hold up to 30 pounds of the product while others can only hold up to 7 pounds of product at once.

Storage and Freezing

They usually come with two different containers – one for storing the finished product and one for storing the ingredients needed to make it. The first container is usually made of plastic, while the second is made from stainless steel or aluminum. If you’re searching for something that will be easy to store in your kitchen, choose one with a smaller storage container.


They are much lighter than other types of ice cream makers because they don’t require any special storage space or electricity hookups to operate effectively. They’re also easier to clean up after use because there aren’t many moving parts inside them like traditional ice cream makers have (which can be difficult to clean).

Temperature Controls

Most machines come with adjustable temperature control so that you can set them at different temperatures depending on the type of frozen product you want. For example, a higher temperature setting is necessary if you want to make traditional ice cream. At the same time, if you want to make frozen yogurt, then a lower temperature setting is preferable.

Power Consumption

Soft serve machines use more power than other types of commercial kitchen equipment, but they still use less energy than an average household appliance like a refrigerator or microwave oven. The amount of energy consumed by your machine depends on its size and the speed at which it operates, but most of them will consume between 200 and 600 watts per hour when in operation.


Some machines have internal pumps that spray the liquid into the air and then catch it as it falls down into the freezing chamber. This method can result in more consistent texture and faster freezing times than other methods.

Hardening Process

Soft serve machines use a process called hardening to make the frozen dessert. This process involves freezing liquid ingredients at a temperature just below the crystallization point so that it becomes creamy and smooth when served.

Soft Serve Machine is a great option for small businesses to provide soft serve ice cream and low-calorie dairy and dairy-free treats to customers. In addition, it is a wonderful culinary tool that gives the freedom to make a wide range of desserts.

Overall, it might be a good idea to plan a party or event with very specific guests. However, if you have kids and want to let them loose on an innocent sundae bar, this might be the perfect item for you.