Reasons Why Your Child Custody is Denied.

Child custody comes up in a situation where the married couple tends to be set apart from their marriage. This is a highly tedious part of the entire divorce process and yet the most painful one. Witnessing your child taken from you and given to your spouse for the rest if your life is hard.

There are several reasons why your custody can be rejected by the jury or the judge in a case. This depends on your capability to raise the child financially and physically, the child’s comfort around you, etc. You can click here to know more. But we have managed to list down some of the factors that tend to become the rejection grounds.

Top Reasons Why a Parent is Rejected for their Child Custody.

  • Neglecting your child’s health.

One of the most basic necessities of child care is health, and one parent cannot compromise it or neglect it at any cost. During the trial, the court will assess how good you are at taking care of your child in terms of health, education, needs, and wants. If you cannot fulfill any of these parameters, then that can become a major ground for the rejection of a child’s custody.

  • Falsely Accusing your partner.

If you have been accusing your partner of a crime that they never committed during the marriage, like domestic abuse or verbal violence, and that somehow gets proved in court, then here you will be held accountable for the accusation that you have been charging your spouse with. This can become yet another ground for the custody being rejected.

  • Not being financially stable.

This point is a conjunction with the former point where we discussed providing basic care service. If a parent does not have sufficient funds or assets where they can fulfill the educational needs of the child and also does have enough to take care of the child until he/she turns 18, then in that case, the custody would be handed over to the parent that is more financially stable.

When it comes to the custody of children, the law takes it very seriously; there is no room for mistakes and excuses that are left. So in this situation, you must have faith in your lawyer, and you must trust the bond that you have with your child. At the end of the day, even the court is thinking about the child’s well-being rationally.