Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent When Buying a House in Portland

Inexperienced buyers often are either terrified by the whole buying process, or they are simply not aware of its complexity. However, even though buying a home consists of a couple of stages and is affected by several factors – a real estate agent can simplify everything. Despite the fact that many homebuyers are hesitant about paying for someone to guide them through the buying process, this step is essential for many of them. This guide will show you why you should hire a real estate agent when buying a house in Portland – and how to find a good one. 

You’ve got more chances to find a dream home 

If you’ve imagined a dream home your whole life, hiring an agent will help you find it. As a homebuyer who knows their priorities and deal-breakers, you’ll be able to find a home you like a lot easier if you have an agent by your side. An experienced real estate agent will recognize your needs and do their best to find a perfect match. Their experience and skill will help them do so, as well as the fact that they are familiar with the Portland real estate market. For that reason, choosing a local expert is the best way to go If you want a home that fits your budget, your needs and preferences. 

The search will be faster and more efficient 

Looking for a perfect home takes dedication and time. And unfortunately, it’s not something a common house buyer has, due to all the work responsibilities, family time, etc. Searching for a home often lasts more than it should, and it’s not a fully dedicated quest as you have other things to deal with. When you hire a real estate agent when buying a house in Portland, you can expect a more active search and better results in no time. An agent will look for a perfect home on your behalf, considering all the features and preferences you previously shared with them. This saves you a ton of time and brings more success. 

Experience only an expert has 

Finding the most suitable home for a family and surviving the buying process takes skill and expertise. An experienced agent has all the necessary market knowledge and they are familiar with most of the homes in an area. Hiring a local Portland agent will help you get more information about the homes in the area, their strength, and weaknesses, but also more details on a particular neighborhood such as demographic, crime rates, etc. Furthermore, real estate specialists know the real value of a property once they see it, so they can give you advice on making an offer. Knowledge and skills are also the reason why you should leave transfer to experts when it’s time to move. An experienced team will transport your belongings safely and efficiently, so there’s minimum risk of damage and loss. 

Agent protects your interests 

From browsing home to finalizing the sale, the agent you hire will represent you as a buyer and protect your interests. This includes choosing the most suitable property, and getting the best deal, but also making sure you make the most out of the home inspection. They’ll warn you if the results of a home inspection are unsatisfactory and tell you if you should give up on a property. This can be incredibly helpful and save you time and money as you’ll avoid potential future issues with the property. Furthermore, a good agent can help you work your way through Portland’s competitive market. They know the right strategies that will ensure your offer is accepted even if there are multiple bidders. 

Negotiation skills 

Almost every price is able to be negotiated – and you need to have some haggling skills to do it. However, inexperienced buyers are often not good at this – some are shy to ask for a better deal, while others don’t see what are the property’s flaws that can bring them a better price. An expert agent has seen hundreds of homes and knows exactly what you should pay for. They have great negotiation skills, too, so you can expect to pay less for your dream home. 

However, remember that not all property’s flaws should be the reason to give up on a perfectly good home. For example, lack of storage space is a common issue for big families. Luckily, you don’t need to give up on a home just because it has less storage capacity than you expected. Royal Moving Company experts remind you that you can always go for a storage unit outside your home. This way you’ll save space at your home and still keep everything that you need – it’s a win-win situation!

A less stressful homebuying process

When you’ve got a specialist to rely on, there are fewer things to worry about. This leads to a stress-free process of buying a home and makes it truly enjoyable. Rather than worrying about every little aspect of this purchase, you can dedicate more time to browsing selected properties, making moving and renovation plans, etc. 

An agent has got a solution for everything 

Local experts in the real estate world are usually a part of the community, which means they’ve got connections everywhere. So, when you hire a real estate agent when buying a house in Portland, you’ll have access to the valuable database of other local professionals. You can ask your agent to share their recommendations on hiring renovation experts, cleaning companies, and others. It’s easier when you have someone to help you out this way – you’ll get recommendations from the teams that are truly great at what they do.

Don’t forget the financial aspect 

Finally, we come to the best part – hiring an agent to help you buy a home in Portland will not cost you more than the price you pay for the property. This commission is paid by the seller, and it’s based on the final price of the house. This proves once again that hiring an agent is all worth it – just e sure to find the right one.  

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