Prepare Yourself For A Podiatry Visit

Visiting your podiatrist is a bit different than going to a doctor because they will not examine your whole body only your feet. Make sure to visit your podiatrist when needed, and do not postpone something inevitable, because the chances are that you are going to make things worse. Contact or visit Orthotic Solutions Podiatry if you need any help.

Podiatrists are known to get a pretty bad rap, but they are still the experts when it comes to feet, even if most people find that disguising. Many people are also embarrassed to show their feet to the podiatrist, especially women, but do not worry, there is a chance that your podiatrist has seen worse.

Washing your feet is as important as properly drying them

Things to do before visiting a podiatrist:

  1. Create a list of the symptoms you have been experiencing, because sometimes we can forget what upset us the day before. This way, when you go to your podiatrist, you will know exactly what is wrong.
  2. Another list you should make is a list of your medications or the ones you are currently taking. Besides that, mention the surgeries you have had done.
  3. Take all the important lab results, X-rays, medical records and MRIs concerning your feet, or just hospital visits, and show them to your podiatrist.
  4. Not all insurance companies cover the cost of all podiatrists, so make sure to check with your insurance company and let them refer you to one.
  5. If you are an active person and love to run, then bring your exercise shoes with you, since they might be the problem.

Proper hygiene

This applies to all cases, but if you are going to a podiatrist, it is very important that you wash your feet and dry them properly. They are not obligated to give you an exam if your feet are filthy, and if you need an examination, you can always trust a reputable podiatrist clinic. So ask Orthotic Solutions Podiatry for podiatrist cost in Sydney if want to know how much money you will need and more details regarding your podiatry needs.

Let your podiatrist do what they are taught to

Stuff to not do before a visit:

  1. Shave your legs. This is something that has no effect on your feet examination, and women tend to do this before going to a podiatrist. Hair growth on our legs tells us that our legs are healthy and have a good blood flow.
  2. Get a pedicure. This is yet another thing that women do the most. You are not supposed to make your feet pretty for the podiatrist, especially if you have discoloration on your toenails because that means that there is something even worse going on there.
  3. Pain your nails. Again, if you have discolored toenails, it is important that you leave them like that. Your podiatrist needs to see everything that is happening, and he will not be able to do so if you paint your nails.
  4. Cut your nails. While cutting your nails is very important, you also have to keep in mind that you should never cut them too short, especially when going to a podiatrist. This is because your podiatrist might have to take a sample of your toenails, and he will not be able to do so if there is nothing to cut.

Final word

One thing podiatrists tend to hate the most is when patients start to self-diagnose themselves by the information they got off the internet. If you came to a professional let him or her diagnose you the way it should be done. On top of that, just like you should not self-diagnose yourself, try not to self-treat yourself as well.