Practicing the Art of Catching the Word Cheaters on Scrabble Go

If you enjoy playing Scrabble, you must install Scrabble Go on your mobile phones. It is one of the best online versions of the traditional word game, where you can challenge and play with anyone from across the world. You can also chat directly with your opponents, and make friends as well.

When the challenge gets heated up, many players use online Scrabble Go cheat tools for help with high scoring words. Well, if you are playing casually with friends, then it is fine to use these cheats. 

It will also help you in learning some of the new words, and in improving your gaming skills. All you will need to do is input the letters that you have on your rack. It will automatically compute the best configurations and display high scoring words. 

As a matter of fact, even many good players use these cheat tools to get an edge on their opponents. It is something as harmless like asking a friend for help with solving a problem. However, if you are playing a serious game or competing professionally with your opponents, then you must not cheat.

In such cases, you will need to use your own vocabulary skills for climbing up the ranks and reaching the finals. However, it is equally important for you to practice and master the art of catching the cheaters while playing Scrabble online, especially if it is a serious game.

If you are opponent is playing exceptionally good, it need not necessarily mean that the person is cheating. Maybe he or she is actually good with the game. If that is the case, you will need to up your game and think few moves ahead, in order to get the momentum. 

How to practice the art of catching cheaters in the game of online scrabble:

Since you are playing from your own locations, there is no possible way for you to actually find out if they are cheating or not. Some of the cheaters are really clever. They might not use the tools on all their moves. They will instead use these unscramble tools only during the important stages of the game.

Even some good players may take help from the unscramble words finder when they are stuck. In other situations, they will simply use their own vocabulary skills for making high scores.

Therefore, there is no real hard and fast rule for identifying cheaters while playing Scrabble online. However there are a few red flags that can give you a good idea if somebody is cheating while playing with you.

  • They are always making big words with high points quicker than normal.
  • If they are frequently using unusual words that are not commonly used.
  • If they are getting high points most of the time, it could be an indication that they are using some word solving tool online.
  • If they are making weird words by using the blank tiles, while not saving them for the Bingo.

As already mentioned above, these are not foolproof tricks for identifying the cheaters. You could be playing against a really good opponent. You will need to be judicious with your conclusions. Alternatively, you can also use the chat option on Scrabble go to smartly probe if they are being fair or not.