Popular bobsleigh betting strategies

Any popular strategies can be used in bobsleigh betting: on the victory of the favorite, bets with a fixed size (flat) or with catch-up. For example, bet on the winner in the race, increasing the size of the bet for the next race, if there was a loss in the first.

Due to the transience of the competition, live betting strategies are practically not used in bobsleigh.

Choosing a strategy

You should choose a strategy based on the bank you have and the format of the competition. In the World Cup and the Olympics, the top favorites win overwhelmingly, so betting on favorites can be profitable. At other starts, you can choose a strategy for betting on duels or other markets, where higher odds are given in comparison with the quotes for the victory of the favorite.

What can you lose

In bobsleigh betting, you are unlikely to lose because of the emotion.

This is more likely to be lost due to poor analytical work.

For example, when they did not take into account the weather conditions or did not take into account the recently healed injury of an athlete.

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How to analyze the game. Expert advice

The same pilot can show different results in twos and fours. Pay attention to how many crews the athlete can perform better.

If the team is not playing together for the first season, it acts as harmoniously as possible and the chances of success increase. When there are newcomers on the crew, it can negatively affect its results.

Consider the specifics of the track. If the track is longer, with approximately the same skill of the pilots, those twos and fours, which traditionally show high speed at acceleration, gain advantage.
The home track is always a great advantage for competitive athletes.