Moving Tips for Dog Owners

Moving to a new home should be fun, but if you haven’t researched any tips on how to make it that way it can be stressful. This is especially true if you own a dog or two. The good news is you can use the tips in this blog post to make your next move a breeze. These tips are from ,an excellent moving website. Be sure to reread these tips the day before your big move so the information is fresh in your mind.

Bring Your Pup to Doggy Day Care

You never know how long moving day will be. You’ll have a lot of tasks to accomplish that day and that means that you won’t be able to keep an eye on your dog the entire time. Considering that your front door will be open the whole day and vehicles will be coming and going out of your driveway, it’s not an ideal environment for your dog. Even if she doesn’t escape, all of the people milling in out of your home will be stressful for her. This can all be avoided if you drop your dog off at a doggy day care for the day. If you don’t have a nearby dog watching service, consider using a dog watching service or see if a friend can watch your dog for the day.

Transport Your Dog’s Food in Your Care

Anything that your dog needs on a day to day basis should be transported in your car so you can have easy access to it the same day of your move. Do not put your dog’s food, toys, or bedding in a box. If you do, you may lose track of that box and your sweet pup will be very uncomfortable if it takes a long time to find all of her things. Instead, put your dog’s stuff in the trunk of your car or in the passenger seat of your car, so you’ll know exactly where all of it is at the end. This will make setting up her space a lot easier and you won’t be scrambling to get everything together when you pick her up from doggy daycare.

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