To Know About The Most Used Object For The New Normal During Pandemic!

The sudden pandemic had people go through many changes both physically and mentally. The virus shut many people in their houses that affected their emotional health. Presently the situation has changed that people come out of their dwellings with all precautions. The first thing that comes into your minding while going out is your disposable face masks. You would have seen only doctors and nurses using the surgical masks before the outbreak, which you can now see everywhere. They have become like sandals and shoes while going out from romantic dates to work. They help you protect from the Coronavirus or any other harmful microbes. They are helpful to stay away from pollution too. Wearing a mask inhibits the airborne droplets that release when you cough or sneeze. After single-use, it is essential to ensure proper use and disposal of the face masks.

As the name implies, these masks are thrown out after using them once. The world health organisation suggests that people within 60 years can wear them. Disposable face masks have a lot of benefits over cloth masks. When you use a reusable cloth mask, you will have to wash and maintain it properly for its effective barrier properties. Experts prefer everybody to wear these surgical masks especially, people working in the food sector and hospitals. They are generally of three layers; the first layer comes in contact with your skin, the next layer is the barrier layer, and the outermost layer is a water resistance layer. Polypropylene is the material commonly used to make surgical masks.

Choosing the perfect face mask


It is essential to buy quality disposable face masks to have many layers. More layers increase the protection level from the contaminants. Multi-layered face masks keep you away from dust, bacteria, virus and other germs. They are breathable and provide comfort while wearing.


Choose a mask that has ear loops that are easy to wear. These ear loops should not be too tight or loose on your ears. Being the disposable mask behind the head can be annoying sometimes. When you go out more often, you may find the ones with ear loops more comfortable.


Large fit face masks can make you feel uncomfortable and make you less confident to walk in public areas. Also, you will have to use your hands very often to adjust them. While doing so, you may touch your eyes which could be of high risk. On the other hand, tight fit masks can be painful and sweaty to wear. The fit must be perfect to your face without gaps on the face mask’s sides, top and bottom.


The complex thing about surgical masks is that they must be breathable while being a barrier. One has to wear a surgical mask for an extended period when they stay outside or working. Hence the breathable factor is the prime factor for comfort.

Nose pin

Select a face mask that has a nose pin on it. You do not have to keep adjusting your face mask if it has a nose wire on it. The nose pin ensures your mask does not move or fall off. These nose pins are essential as they hold your mask fits on your face to reap all the advantages of the surgical mask.

How to wear a face mask effectively?

  1. The first step is to wash your hands with soap and water or use a sanitiser to clean your hands.
  2. Pull out a mask from the face mask box. Check if the ear loop is present on both sides and ensure no holes in the blue area.
  3. Check which side should be the outer side and the side that comes in contact with your face.
  4. If you are using a face mask with ear loops, hold loops and place them on your ears. If you are using that mask with ties, put it on your nose level and knot the ties on the crown of your head.
  5. Pinch the nose area of the face mask to ensure fit.
  6. Pull the bottom of your mask to verify it’s all covered.