Marketing Strategies of Film Producers to Encourage Viewers to Watch Full Movies

Attracting more viewers to watch movies is one of the main goals why many film producer makes different kinds of marketing strategies for a particular movie. The higher the number of people who will be watching a movie, the higher the profit will be. Also, the effort and time that is spent by the different personnel, actor, and actresses in producing a movie will not be wasted. Some of this strategies are:


The most common marketing strategies to promote the film is to use a different medium to advertise a particular movie. This includes newspapers, video trailers, radio announcement, TV commercials and a lot more. The use of IMDB (internet movie database) to publicized positive review is also a good way to promote the film for there are millions of people around the world that use it as a basis whether to watch a particular movie or not.

Involvement of the Audience

Another thing that can be done to promote movie watching is by allowing the participation of an ordinary citizen during the production of the film. They can serve as an extra character in the movie which will excite them to watch the movie. It also promotes positive publicity for the movie.

Use of Social Networks

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a lot more can be used to update and encourage people to watch the full movies. A lively page can be created where fans can talk about the movie in general and whether it is good or not. Recent photos and development about the movie can be posted by the movie producers anytime to gain and attract more movie watchers.

Use of Meme

Another way to advertise movie is through the use of memes. Memes can easily be customized and created that can easily capture millions of potential movie watchers all around the world.

Right Timing

Timing is very important to attract as many viewers as possible. Movie releases can be done during holidays when more people have the time to watch a particular movie. Movie release can also be done in those months where there are fewer movies that are being released so that there will be lesser competition for audiences.

Promoting film is not an easy task. Producers must be creative enough and think of something out of the ordinary in order to attract as many viewers as possible.