Landscaping Tips for Winter Prep

If you take some time out from your daily hectic schedule and look around at some of the private properties in your neighborhood, you will come to know how people spend their hard-earned money in landscaping their properties. Maintaining your landscape during the summer season is possible and rather easy. However, when it comes to the winter season, things change a lot. Winter season is right around the corner. If you do not take proper steps to safeguard your landscape, winter weather can easily wreak havoc on your landscape. It is always advisable to safeguard your investment and ensure peak health for your landscape with the help of some easy tips from Christies Landscapes Perth. Some of these tips have been discussed below for your help.

  • Fertilize: When it comes to preparing your landscape for the winter season, fertilization happens to be a key component in ensuring that your turf remains in good shape during the cold season. When you opt for a mid to late-fall fertilization, it will result in a nutrient rich turf by the time winter arrives. When the root grows properly, it will help your grass survive the cold weather easily and also maintain good health by the next spring.
  • Aerate: It will not be a bad idea to aerate your turf properly in order to allow oxygen, fertilizer, and water to have an easy access to the roots deep inside the ground. When you do this along with the fertilization process, it will help you lawn have all the essentials to survive the winter season.
  • Rake Leaves: It is needless to say that getting rid of fallen leaves consistently on your property is crucial till the start of the winter season. If you fail to rake the fallen leaves regularly, it will prevent the grass beneath from receiving proper sunlight in order to remain healthy and also resist any type of disease.
  • Lay Mulch: If you add a layer of pine straw or mulch to your existing landscape during the fall season, it can help to protect your shrubs, trees, and various other plants from the harsh coldness of the winter months. Since the added mulch will act as a barrier, it will also work to maintain the temperature of your beds throughout the winter season. As a result of this, the roots of your plants will remain protected from the frost and also help them retain moisture.
  • Clean Up: The fall season is a great time to get rid of any dead or even dying foliage from your property. This will eventually help to reduce any possibilities of insects and diseases from spreading to all the healthy plants in your lawn. This approach of out with the old and in with the new will also help to maintain the freshness of your property all season long.
  • Prepare for Snow: It is always better to stay prepared for the snow when it arrives during the winter season. It will not be a bad idea to find a good and reputed company that provides ice and snow removal services just before the commencement of the winter season.