Know These 3 Things Before Purchasing a TV!

The latest statistical trends of Australia show that from 2007 to 2017, average daily TV viewing has fluctuated a bit and finally reached 147 minutes a day – 2 hours 27 minutes. This statistic is based on metropolitan cities in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. Isn’t that reason enough to understand why home theatre and TV installation in Brisbane is almost commonplace nowadays?

Is Installation Really The First Step?

Installing televisions is only the second part of the process of buying and installing a TV in one’s home. Buying the TV is, in fact, the more significant amount since it involved choosing which TV to buy. Hence this guide! It will help one decide which TV and guide through everything a new TV owner needs to know. Smartphones are commonplace nowadays, but it’s a general agreement that phone screens are smaller than adequate for a good watching experience of the latest films and series. A large display with good sound systems is the way to go. But with so many types and forms of TV, one can get overwhelmed quite soon. Hence, it is essential to get the basics rights with 3 smart pointers for buying a TV

The basics of visual clarity: Resolution!

Resolution directly deals with what one will see from their TV. The colours, the visuals and the symbols will all be for nothing unless the resolution is good. Hence, the first suggestion is to buy nothing under 4K resolution for the best viewing experience. While the resolution list goes up to 8K and beyond, a 4K resolution is the best bet for one’s first TV. It is also perfectly comfortable for a home installation

Know What The Average Price of Televisions Are

One might decide not to spend much on their TV. But what is much? What is less, and what is average? Of the three questions, answering the last is essential. The average talks mostly about the working group of people and hence talks about affordability. The average TV buying price that Australians, especially in metros like Brisbane, spend is $1,277. This would look like a lot when viewed in isolation. So it is important to know that affluent brands sell TV’s up to a whopping $1000! With the knowledge of the average, one will know exactly what is expensive and what is not, hence making the TV buying experience better.

How Big is Too Big : The Dilemma of TV Screen Sizes

The next important aspect is the SIZE! One major reason for buying a television is to up one’s screen space from a moderately small smartphone. Very large TV sizes can disappoint those who want a homely watching experience, while others might love larger than life, almost cinema-like sizes of televisions. It also depends a lot on the house. TV installation in Brisbane depends a lot on the size of the house. Think about it, the TV is inside one’s home and is centrally in the living area. If the TV is big, but the room is so narrow, one might have to crane their neck high to watch anything, resulting in a lot of neck pain. Similarly, a small TV in a large room might begin to resemble the watching experience of mobile phones.

A New TV On Its way!

The top 3 tips for buying a TV have been laid out, so the only other step is to install it! TV watching is integral in the lives of Australians because of how it reduces stress and acts as a fun pastime. With that knowledge, how can one ever say no to a new television?