Introducing Ethiopian – Kitfo Cuisine

Each country have special cuisins which represents its culture. Here is a brief introduction of Kitfo , (one of Ethiopia’s most popular and Delicious foods ).

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Ethiopian distinctive and tasty cuisine benefits from this country’s remarkable cultural heritage that is distinct from other African countries. Ethiopian cuisine is still one of the most unknown mysteries in the world .

Eating Ethiopian-style means forgeting about usaul style of eating (using spoon and fork) and get your hand dirty . That’s because the basic of most meals in Ethiopia is a pancake-like large gray sponge served with a peculiarly rubber-like appearance next to a variety of foods like Stew vegetables and slices of raw meat.

Eating by gathering around metal gray full of different foods and everyone puts their hands together in the tray . this style of eating is extremely popular in ethupia . tourists need to be familiar of ethupia eating culture and its bread injra befor traveling to this country , as tourists have been found to confuse injra with a kitchen towel. Also, the bitter and slightly sour taste of this type of bread may upset some. Ethiopians, like the Indians, are reluctant to add spices to their diet. One of the most common spices is barberry (an Ethiopian blend of 16 different spices, such as chili powder, fenugreek, ginger, garlic, cardamom and cinnamon).

Another characteristic of bread here is that it is made from ash (the world’s smallest grain), which Ethiopians have been cultivating and loving for thousands of years.
top of all is that while you eat a healthy diet, your taste buds are also surprised.
Most Ethiopian foods are Nutritious and low fat.

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Kitfo Is a classic Ethiopian food that is usually eaten on a special occasions or holidays, and people rarely eat it at home routinely. The origin of the name is “K-T-F”, which means chop thinly or minced. The food original from the Gurague area of Showa-Province, Ethiopia, & the best varieties are found in the Guraga restaurants.

Kifto is usually eaten at the end of the fasting season for Orthodox Christians.

The main ingredients of this dish are beef spicy butter and spices. Kitfo can be served raw or cooked depending on the method of preparation. At first it seems simple to prepare but cooking this cuisine requires special care and love . Its presentation is elegant and usually served in a clay bowel with a banana leaf.
One of the subtle points to be made in preparing this dish is that the beef should be fat free from grass- fed cows . . If the cow feeds on anything other than grass like grain , the texture and flavour of the meat will be different. Meat fat should be completely separated. butchers often take the meat from between the shoulders of an ox in order of reducing the risk of worms, as these parts of meat is traditionally thought to be a worm-free part of the body .

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the spices used in this dish should be prepared befor cooking kifto . The main spices are spiced butter (called Kibbé) with Mitmita (which is Ethiopia’s hottest red pepper) and ground Korerima (Ethiopian Cardamom) and sea salt that are well combined. The pre paration of the Kibbé can be differ from home-to-home and it’s usually prepared ahead of time, its not when one ismaking Kitfo .
The main spices used in this preparation are: Kosseret (similar to thyme); Bessobela (Ethiopian Basil); Korerima (Ethiopian cardamom); turmeric and coriander
The high quality butter used in this dish should be clarified after mixing well with these spices.
Other foods served include collard greens (gomen), Ethiopian cheese (ayib) or bread. The bread can be traditional bread (injera) or banana –made bread such enset plant.

How to Cook Kitfo?


1 pound finely ground low fat beef
4-6 tablespoons Kibbé (spiced butter)
2 teaspoon Mitmita powder (or more to taste)
2 tea spoon Korearima ( cardamom ) powder ( or more to taste )
1 teaspoon sea salt

Initially combine the ( finly hand .chopped) beef with Mitmita, Korerima, and salt. In a frying pan, heat the butter until it is well melted And slowly mix it with the meat. If we feel the Mitmita spice is low we can increase the amount depending on the taste. If you want to eat raw try to serve it before liquid butter getting cold but if you want to prepare leb-leb or slightly cooked kifto , the mixture should be over heat to cook slowly for few minuts and finally you can prepare the type of betam le bleb which is completely cooked. . The traditional type of kitfo is tire kitfo which is completely raw.

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