Increase The Longevity of Sculptra Treatment With These Tips!

Maintenance is key to preserving that refreshed and youthful look from Sculptra. Sculptra stimulates collagen production, helping you regain lost volume over time in different body parts, including cheeks, butt, arms, and more. However, it is essential to maintain the result for the best outcome. Without maintenance, you might lose the effectiveness of the result. 

You should always speak to a professional for advice. If you need a pick, you can speak to Clinique Anti Aging Sculptra body treament and get additional details. 

Make sure you get a proper follow-up appointment and stick to it.

You should make a follow-up appointment every 1-2 years based on your needs and goals. Your provider can determine the ideal timeframe for maintenance sessions. Make sure you discuss the details with your provider and make a proper follow-up appointment with them. 

Focus highly on maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Your lifestyle choices impact how long your refreshed look lasts. It is crucial to opt for a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you: 

  • Follow a nutritious diet
  • Regular exercise regimen
  • Have a healthy sleep schedule
  • Manage your stress and avoid excessive stress, as it can have a direct connection with the longevity of the result. 
  • Limit your alcohol intake, which can contribute to dehydration and inflammation.
  • Avoid smoking as it can restrict the blood flow and oxygen, contributing significantly to hampering collagen. 
  • Avoid excessive salts
  • Avoid caffeine as much as possible 

Opt for alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) products.

Sculptra helps boost collagen, but adding skincare powered by AHAs like glycolic acid and lactic acid also encourages collagen regeneration. You can check with your provider to recommend good products. However, AHAs are considered safe to use while undergoing Sculptra. Using them between appointments helps prolong treatment results. 

Keep yourself hydrated 

You should keep yourself hydrated. Proper water intake is vital for preserving the skin’s plump, firm texture and sculpted look. Make sure to drink at least 64 ounces of water per day. This is because drinking sufficient water supports cellular function and keeps connective tissue strong by nourishing collagen. Various fruits like watermelon and vegetables also boost hydration, so you can also include them in your diet. 

Avoid prolonged sun exposure as much as possible

We love bathing in the sun, especially when on a vacation or going to the beach. While getting sun is important for your body, too much exposure can be equally harmful. Too many UV rays can break down collagen and affect the results of Sculptra. Therefore, you can opt for sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher when going out. Additionally, wear proper cover clothes to avoid getting hit by sun rays on your body.