Identifying the Top 5 Most Common Computer Problems 

Computers play a crucial role in terms of productivity these days. For its entirety, computers virtually are an all-in-one electronic device that contains most of the world’s advancements making life easier and more efficient. 

However, computers which are used daily are very prone to problems and issues which require your attention. Fortunately, these problems are very easy to fix, especially if you consult a Computer Repair Near Me. To help you, let us identify the most common computer problems to widen your knowledge about computers and figure out the best solution you can apply for each of them. 

Slow Performance

Slow performance may be considered the most common computer problem. It is because of the number of applications that are running in the background. These applications or software are not noticed easily and must be pulled up using the task manager. Also, your operating system’s drive is already filled with applications and software. 

Slow performance is not a critical problem and is easily fixed using different solutions you can find on the internet. Or perhaps search for the keyword ‘Computer Repair Near Me’ online. 

Annoying Noise Inside the Computer

The most common noises which are annoying and concerning at the same time are clicking, grinding, or beeping sounds. If you hear any of these inside your computer, it is almost certain your computer deals with hardware problems. There is a range of possible hardware problems which causes these noises. 

The most common is the loosened rotary function of your CPU fans. If your CPU case has several fans, chances are one of them is not properly screwed. 

Freezing and Lagging

Computers are more complex than they seem. They are machines that conduct multiple processes not visible to the naked eye. Its complex nature causes failures and errors in its system. 

Hence, you experience freezing or lagging whenever you try to do action on your computer. You can reboot your computer’s system just by pressing the restart button. If freezing and lagging becomes instantaneous or repeatedly happening, then you need to troubleshoot your computer.

It may suffer from insufficient memory, corrupted files or software, registry errors, or infected with a virus. 

Unresponsive or Slow Browsing Experience

Another common problem you experience with a computer is the slow internet connection, resulting in a slow or unresponsive browsing experience. But there is more to that. This problem might come from a hardware or software problem. 

If your LAN or Wi-Fi network is doing fine, but the unresponsiveness still lingers, then the problem would be on the browser. Your browser might be full of history and cache, which needs to be cleaned up immediately. Constant browsing and downloading will fill-up your browser causing a slow or unresponsive experience. So, check your history and clean it up. 

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) 

BSOD perhaps is the most lethal computer problem which requires an expert solution. BSOD is a commonly hardware-related problem that causes your computer to have system malfunction or failure. There are instances where process errors cause a blue screen to pop-up, which can be fixed by rebooting the computer, but if the blue screen stays, then you need to quickly search online with the words ‘Computer Repair Near Me’

Always bear in mind that computer problems are not the end of your world. Also, computer problems do not entirely mean you need to shell out money to upgrade your system. Issues are there for a reason, and they require to be fixed. Identifying these problems will give you a broader idea and peace of mind that all have handy solutions.