How to use the positive experience of AI?

It cannot be denied that AI is fundamentally changing the nature of art. In light of the fact that artists can now create unique, complex works of art with great variety, the future of AI and art is endless. There is a growing online discussion about AI image generators, but they are actually nothing new. Check the AI technology for undressing photos in the article below.

Understand that AI is not Terminator or Ultron

A group of scientists coined the term artificial intelligence in the late 1950s when they set out to create a machine that could do everything the human brain can do – think, solve problems, learn new tasks, and communicate in natural language. Progress was relatively slow until 2012 when one idea changed the entire industry.

Artificial intelligence has long been present in tools for creativity. (Content-based fill is an example of Photoshop’s use of artificial intelligence, which is well-known to photo editors.) Generative AI is a recent development; it’s a technology trained on so much data that it learns to create new jobs. 

Why is Nudify the best among the others?

The nudify app is a service that generates very believable photos of non-existent people. All fans of fake accounts in social networks will go crazy for it, although it will also be useful for web developers. The app does a great job with color correction and adjusts the color balance in photos. Instead, the colors look more vivid and realistic. In addition, the program is able to remove color shades that occur when taking photos in artificial lighting conditions.

The running time of the algorithm is from 30 seconds to several minutes, depending on the workload. Unlike DeepFake, a technology that replaces the identity of one person with another in a video, the application for seeing celeb nudes does not need to be manually trained: the neural network is already trained on 10,000 photos of naked women.