How to Tell a Good Abstract Painting

When looking at abstract paintings, does it cross your mind that they are considered masterpieces? Abstract art isn’t as simple as it seems, and there are ways to tell a good one from a bad one. If you’ve ever thought that anyone can create a fine abstract paint, this post will tell you otherwise. Read on to know what makes a good abstract painting.

Should Have Consistency

Consistency here applies to both the art and the artist’s portfolio. An artist who does abstract painting should have that signature touch that distinguishes his work from others. You can tell that an artist doesn’t know what he is doing if his portfolio is all over the place. It will have low-quality work with a few stunning pieces. Such an artist is still developing and has not yet found his or her zone. Consistency is also revealed in a single painting from its flow, running from one side to another. Precisely planned strokes should be consistently applied all over the canvas. 

Colors Should Mesh 

One way of telling that an abstract painting is poorly done is if its colors don’t mesh well. It is a dead giveaway that the abstract painter is not a professional. However, some professional abstract painters don’t mesh colors deliberately. It should be evident in such cases. Meshing up colors shows that professionalism was applied to that piece.

Presence of Texture 

Texture in good abstract art is achieved by compiling layers. If a painting doesn’t have this aspect, then it is poorly done. Heavy contrasting color strokes can also help to bring an element of texture. However, to bring out the texture, the artist needs to be consistent when using color strokes.

Should Have Meaning

Just because abstract paintings utilize colors that spread all over the canvas, they should not lack meaning. Any great art should be meaningful in one way or another. Most of the time, the implication is brought about by the emotions a piece elicits. It is anger, pain, bliss, sorrow, joy, or passion. Whatever the emotion it conveys, the artist should bring it out loud and clear. A randomly done abstract painting lacks personality. 

Should Have Some Level of Complexity

Growth is evident in the amount of complexity an artist puts in his abstract paintings. The quality of art produced is sometimes determined by the complexity the artist has put into it. An artist will grow and learn new techniques as he completes more and more pieces. A professional’s artwork in abstract paintings can not be replicated.

Comfort Should be Seen on the Art Piece 

You can immediately tell that the artist is an amateur if you notice uncomfortable paint strokes. Professionally abstract artists are confident with every stroke they produce. Every mark is made intentionally, no matter how random it looks. 

Unlike the conventional art, abstract paintings are diverse. The emotions and feelings that surround this type of art are quite profound. Many people are not gifted enough to understand these abstract paintings. While some people think that it’s childish, others look at it as a masterpiece. Therefore, before you start to paint abstract art, keep in mind the points mentioned here.