How to Spice up a Relationship in the Bedroom

On average, American couples have sex once a week. But just because your sex life is either more or less active doesn’t mean your sex life is good or bad. In fact, you might be having sex every day but feel bored of it!

When it comes to sex, quality certainly trumps quantity.

So are you now wondering how to spice up a relationship? Then you’re in the right place. Read on to find out how to liven up your sex life!

Try Different Positions

Maybe the two of you are big fans of missionary, so you always have sex in that position. While it’s good, it can get boring.

Take the opportunity to explore other positions, some of which might not work out so well. However, it can be fun and exciting to read up on new things and you’ll have a blast trying them out!

Focus on Teasing and Foreplay

All too often, we forget about foreplay and just jump into bed for a quick 10-minute session. One of the main things on how to spice up your sex life is to delay gratification!

Spend the day sending suggestive texts and pictures to your partner. And even when you finally get into bed, spend longer on foreplay. All the anticipation can drive them crazy in a good way!

Try Sex Toys

Sex toys are a surefire way to spice up your sex life! And if you already have a collection, not to worry, as there are always new things to try in this department!

Sit down with your partner and browse the selection on online sex shops. This way, you won’t have to feel embarrassed about walking into a store and discussing things in public.

While you’re scrolling, tell each other which ones you find interesting and make a note. Then, go on a shopping spree! The anticipation of receiving these new toys can be enough to get things going in the bedroom.

Also, don’t forget about adding lube. Trying something like hemp lubricant can really make a difference in your sex life!

Communicate With Your Partner

How are you going to spice up your relationship if you don’t communicate with your SO? You might think you’re doing something great in bed when it’s actually lackluster for them.

Putting aside everything else we’ve mentioned above, communication is key to improving things not just in bed, but overall. If you’re a good listener, that can be a huge turnon for your partner. This can definitely get things hot and heavy!

Know How to Spice up a Relationship and Improve Your Sex Life

If you didn’t know how to spice up a relationship, then we hope this post has given you some direction.

The most important thing is to communicate with your significant other. By figuring out things together, you’ll strengthen your relationship and a more fulfilling sex life will certainly follow!

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