How To Play Killer Rhythm Guitar riffs

Playing guitar riffs is much fun. It actually makes your work stand out from the rest of other guitarists. This is because it will either form the basis of a song or actually decorate a song. Are you a guitarist who learned a few basic chords before playing rhythm guitar?

 If so, you might have to stretch your limits while playing guitar riffs. In fact, playing a successful rhythm guitar riffs isn’t all about what tones you play. Instead, you will have to focus more on the manner in which you play them.

Therefore, you will need to pick the right guitar that has all the important chords. In addition, you will need some of these tips to perfect your act.

Master the elements of rhythm guitar tightness

In this part, you should always train your ears to hear mistakes in your sounds. Besides, you should always focus on avoiding common playing mistakes that could actually slow you down.  Learning to play your guitar by your ear will improve your working knowledge of chords.

Moreover, you should be able to picture a melody line by simply listening and finding the right notes for good sounds. Some common mistakes you should learn to avoid are palm muting, timing flaws and picking articulation flaws.

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Practice pinch harmonics and vibrato

As a rhythm guitarist, emotion should take center stage in your sounds. You should train perfectly on picking technique that makes your work look inspired. Therefore, perfecting in pinch harmonics and vibrato becomes essential.

Consequently, you should always know where the harmonics are located. Besides, you should learn how to avoid muting a harmonic with your thumb after stringing. You can then learn how to always look at your picking hands while stringing. Finally, try integrating your pinch harmonics with other guitar techniques.

Practice rhythmic creativity

How many rhythm ideas can you picture using a single power chord? This is very key in your work as it will make you sound unique. Besides defining your work, you will have to seek other people’s opinions. However, you will have to know where to pump more energy into than the other. With a good scheduling, you can achieve so much creativity.

Subject one rhythm to several guitar riffs and vice versa

Are you interested in creative sounds? You should then focus all your attention here. You will learn how to take rhythm patterns and apply to different chords. Similarly, you will take a guitar riff and change its rhythm. This will help you figure out the music theory better as an artist I tell you.

Final verdict

Learning to play killer rhythm guitar riffs can actually make people think you are a great guitarist. However, it will take lots of practice to be that good. You should always try and record yourself when practicing to help figure out flaws. In addition, you should have a clear game plan on what you want to learn to make it fast and progressive.

Lastly, you should always try and seek feedback from prominent guitarists and guitar teaches to assess your progress. Now that you have the right tips, do not shy away from trying these guitar sounds. Despite the difficulty, they are worth trying.