How to Organize Your Trial Exhibits

No matter what your profession, you have probably been involved in a trial at one point. Whether you are a lawyer, doctor, consultant, or any other type of expert witness, you will have to present your findings in court.

Timelines and trial exhibits can both be tricky parts of the trial process. As the expert witness, it is your job to organize these so that the attorney and the judge are able to understand them.

Here is how you can keep your trial exhibits organized so that your case goes smoothly.

Understand What You Need

In order to organize your legal exhibits, you need to understand what you need. This includes understanding what types of exhibits you need, what order they need to be in, and how to properly label and store them.

To do this, you should start by creating a list of all the exhibits you will need for your trial. Once you have this list, you can then start to organize them by type and order.

Create a Filing System

One way to create a filing system is to use a series of folders. Label exhibits with the name, and then place all of the documents and items related to that exhibit into the folder. Save time with legal exhibit labels from You can also use legal exhibit stickers.

You can then store all of the folders in a central location, such as a filing cabinet or a box. Once you have created your filing system, be sure to use it consistently. This will help you to stay organized and to avoid losing any important exhibits.

Determine the Best Way to Store Your Exhibits

Storing your exhibits can be done by taking into account the type of exhibit, the size of the exhibit, and the amount of time you have to prepare the exhibit.

For example, if you have a small exhibit, you may want to consider using a file cabinet or a binder to store the exhibit. If you have a large exhibit, you may want to consider using a storage container or a storage room. If you have a limited amount of time to prepare the exhibit, you may want to consider using a pre-made exhibit.

Incorporate Technology into Your Organization

One way to organize your trial exhibits is to create a digital database or an online gallery. This can be a great way to showcase all of the exhibits you have in one place. This can be a great resource for both you, and your team, as well as for the jury.

Finally, don’t forget to use technology to stay organized during the trial itself. There are a number of great apps that can help you keep track of where each exhibit is located, what order they need to be presented, and when they need to be shown.

Review and Update Your Trial Exhibits System Regularly

Check to see what items from your trial exhibits will be crucial for your upcoming cases and trials, and update your records accordingly. Create a detailed inventory of all exhibits, including a description of each item, its location, and its corresponding evidence.

Keep track of any items that need to be repaired or replaced. It is important to organize your exhibits in a way that will help you present your case effectively. For more ideas and tips on your legal practice, check out the rest of our blog!