How To Make Your Engagement Photo Stand Out

It’s finally here. That day has arrived when you and your significant other get the perfect engagement photo to proudly display on your mantle. You might be looking for a photo that looks spontaneous and natural instead of the usual mundane style.

So how do you separate your engagement photo from the crowd? Read on.

  1. You Don’t Always Have To Do What Your Photographer Asks You

Every person can model his or her own styles. They don’t have to follow their photographer always. At times, they may not agree with their photographer and may even say it out loud. That’s totally fine. You both know your own element and comfort zone.

Your emotions should come on your photos. All the love that you have should be seen in the photos.

  1. Opt For Meta Pictures

Meta pictures help separate you and the photographer. It is not necessary that the pictures have to be taken directly of you and your significant other. You can have a reflection of the both of your shot. Another great and an outstanding idea for your engagement picture is to put pictures in pictures.

This way, you both can share the love story of your past, present and future, all in the same photograph.

  1. Get Wet

If you choose to have your standout engagement photo all wet and splashy, you will have to plan the rain. Turn the sprinklers on and let the inner child inside both of you will come out. These will make for some amazing and spectacular pictures.

With waterproof cameras and all, some people go through the extreme of getting their engagement photos under water.

  1. Light Painting

Here’s another great way to differentiate your engagement pictures from the crowd. Light painting can turn out to be a lovely idea for your engagement pictures. It goes without saying that safety precautions should be observed.

If you get your photos taken with fire, observe extra caution. You could also go the safer route and use flashlights.

  1. Top-Down View Photo

This is a great idea for you to give it a try. If your photographer is able to stand safely and steadily on a smooth surface, have them take a top-down view of both of you. This will help take your engagement pictures on a higher level.

  1. A “prop-tastic” photo shoot

You can also use props and go crazy with it. Get creative and make your own personalized props. You could cut out a jigsaw puzzle and hold it together. Or hold a cut-out heart with messages for each other.

You want your individuality to be shown in your engagement photos. For this purpose, the best way is to have spectacular and a distinctive photo shoot that’s never been done before. These tips will help you make your engagement photo stand out. You can always look back at your photos and remember that wonderful time and all the emotions that you both felt at that time.