How to Know If You Need Wichita Falls Dentures

Sometimes, even if you take care of your teeth, you may still need dentures because of natural wear and tear. Some dental conditions or symptoms you may experience will indicate the need for Wichita Falls dentures, and your dentist can provide you with options for dentures based on their assessment of your dental health. The following are signs you may have to consider getting dentures:

Serious Toothache

If you experience persistent toothache, you may need dentures. This toothache may be a result of tooth decay that has reached the nerve. At this stage, the decayed tooth can be saved with a root canal treatment. But if the tooth decay is too much, your dentist may suggest getting a partial denture or a dental implant. Thus, you must see your dentist as soon as possible when you experience a serious toothache.

Bleeding Gums and Inflammation

Whenever you have bleeding gums or feel tooth sensitivity, schedule a dental appointment immediately. It’s best to catch and treat the problem in its early stages. When not treated promptly, the inflammation can progress into serious gum disease. When you have gum disease, the bone around the affected tooth will deteriorate. Ultimately, this can lead to tooth loss and the need for dentures. 

Difficulty Chewing or Eating

When you deal with serious pain whenever you consume chewy or hard foods, this can mean you have cavities, a cracked tooth, or gum disease. These problems should be addressed promptly with a dentist, so necessary action can be taken to preserve the affected tooth. Usually, a dentist will recommend root canal therapy and will place a dental crown on the affected tooth.

Loose or Shifting Teeth

When your teeth become loose or begin to shift, this can mean the bone around the affected tooth is deteriorating. In this case, your dentist will check your teeth to know if it is possible to save them or if they need to be pulled out. If your teeth end up being removed, your dentist can recommend that you get dentures or implants. 

Tooth Loss

If your tooth fell out, you must visit your dentist as soon as possible. However, a lot of people think that tooth loss is not a serious problem as long as they can still chew food properly. Unfortunately, tooth loss can lead to different oral health issues, including bone loss. Keep in mind that when you only have a fewer number of teeth doing the work, you could end up losing more teeth as the remaining teeth have to take on excessive pressure.