There is nothing quite like the sensation of buying a new car and admiring the shiny paintwork as it catches the light. Cars eventually lose their lustre due to various reasons such as sun exposure, water, and chemical stains, or just regular wear and tear. One can avoid it by availing of car paint protection services offered in centres and garages such as Solar Style that provide car paint protection in Brisbane.

There are two major methods for protecting car paint. It is usually done by using a protection film or by using a ceramic coating.

Paint Protection Film

The most famous names for Paint Protection Film are ppf and ‘clear bra.’ This excellent material is a thermoplastic urethane film that is easy to work with and even self-healing, making it ideal for car paint safety. Paint Protection Film is almost invisible when applied, so it will not detract from the vehicle’s overall appearance while shielding it from unsightly chips and scratches. Another significant benefit of Paint Protection Film is that it protects the vehicle from the light. The sun’s UV rays can cause your car’s paint to oxidise and fade over time, but Paint Protection Film acts as a barrier between the sun and the paint, preventing fading.

Paint Protection Film has several advantages when it comes to shielding the car’s paintwork. Other damages that it can avoid are:

  • Rain-related water spots and mineral stain
  • Fading due to UV rays
  • Scratches and chips
  • Stains caused by chemicals

Ceramic coating

A Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer that bonds with the factory paint to create a permanent protective layer when applied to a vehicle’s exterior. A Ceramic Coating is an excellent substitute for wax because it offers better resistance towards chemicals and scratches, offers protection against UV rays and heat. Because of its durability, a pro coating only needs to be applied once to reap all of these advantages for the rest of the vehicle’s life, making it both cost-effective and time-effective. One can choose between a normal ceramic coating and an Optimum paint guard.

Optimum Paint Guard is a ceramic paint covering that prevents bird lime, acid etching, and other corrosive substances from damaging the paint surface. Optimum Paint Guard can deliver a finish that is harder than factory, noticeably easier to maintain, and more resistant to paint damage caused by normal cleaning processes.

Optimum Paint Guard provides comprehensive automotive paint safety to protect the car from chemicals and pollutants. It also adds another layer of protection against daily wear and tear caused by road debris and other environmental driving hazards. Solar Style- car paint protection Brisbane will help the customers choose the right option for their vehicles to look shiny and new for years.

Advantages of the ceramic coating are

  • Hydrophobic: When the vehicle has a ceramic coating, liquids have a harder time sticking to it, making it easier to wash off unwanted scratches and smudges.
  • Sun protection: Ceramic Coating when applied to the vehicle, ensuring that the fresh paintwork remains bright and vibrant.

Other advantages include

  • Improved glossiness
  • chemical resistance
  • Minor blemishes and scratch-resistant
  • Prevents water stains

While PPFs and ceramic coatings have different protective properties, they will keep the car looking new and polished for more extended periods. It can be challenging to choose the right path, but they work exceptionally well and provide maximum protection when used together. The PPF offers the best protection against rock chip damage and scratches, while the ceramic coating adds shine, hydrophobicity, and ease of cleaning. If one is planning on getting car paint protection in Brisbane, one should consider both these options.