How to Easily Keep Your Plumbing Free of Clogs

If you’re tired of dealing with clogged plumbing, then you need to learn how maintain your plumbing. The great thing is you can the tips in this post to do just that. These tips were provided by a dependable Palm City area plumbing repair service, so read on with confidence.                       .

Clog Free Kitchen Sink Tips

If you do not have a garbage disposal hooked up to your sink then do not try to force food down your kitchen drain. If you do this you’ll create a clog in the pipes that are connected to your sink. You should also avoid pouring any type of cooking fat down your kitchen sink. Once they’re in your kitchen plumbing they’ll solidify and turn into a messy yet persistent clog. Now, you may have heard that you can deodorize your kitchen by pouring used coffee grinds down your sink. Unfortunately that’s not true. Those coffee grinds will clump up and clog your sink. A good rule of thumb is to only pour clear liquids down your kitchen sink drain. To make this easier on you place a kitchen sink drain strainer in your kitchen sink.

Clog Free Shower Tips

It’s never fun to wake up to a clogged shower drain in the morning when all you want to do is take a hot shower. Now, there are a few simple ways to prevent from this happening. The first thing you should do is put a shower drain strainer of your shower drain. This will stop hair from getting into your bathroom plumbing which is a common source of clogs. You should also avoid using bath oils and hair oils in the shower. The thing is oil clogs plumbing, no exceptions. So, whether it’s cooking oil in the kitchen or bathing oils in the bathroom, you end with clogged plumbing.

Clog Free Toilet Tips

If your toilet has been clogging a lot lately, you’ve been using it the wrong way. Simply put, your toilet can only handle your business and toilet paper. That’s it. If you start using it like your personal garbage disposal than you’ll need to keep your plunger handy. If you want a clog free toilet, then only put toilet paper in it.

Clog Free Garbage Disposal Tips

Just because you have a garbage disposal in your sink doesn’t mean you can put any type of food in it. That mentality will only lead to a clogged kitchen sink. If you want a clog free sink than don’t put stingy or starchy foods into you your garbage disposal.

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