How to Distinguish Laptops on the Market

Consumers will always hear some words when they buying computers. Such as light and thin type, game type and all-round type. People who have just come into contact with laptops will feel confused. They have no position on the standard of these nouns. This article will help you to know what these three nouns really mean.

Light and thin: As the name implies, it is relatively light and thin. It is easy to carry. It suits to businessman who often have to take notebooks to walk around. You can use it to do daily office work, audio-visual entertainment and basic map revision. It supports some daily games. It is not suitable for running games and software with too high-performance requirements. The battery life of the light and thin models is the strongest of the three. Most laptops of this model on the market can last about 10 hours. The game type can be only one-third of it. For example, this HONOR product in the picture. You can buy HONOR laptops on the official website.

All-around type: it added discrete graphics cards on the light and thin type. This graphics cards have better performance. It enables the versatile to run more games smoothly. You can play some games with better optimization and medium configuration requirements. These laptops can support 3D mapping/modeling with light to moderate degree. They can do video processing and other work. Yet more than half of them has less portability than the light and thin type. The overall performance is not as strong as that of the game type. All-around type is a compromise between the light and thin type and the game type. Intel has launched the high-performance all-round model. That is the “Creative Design PC Series”. Most of the screens have undergone ex-factory pre-color correction. Some people do graphic design and later stages of movies and TV programs. They can choose them. It has the same configuration as the entry-level game model. We call it “High Performance”. It is basically competent for all the jobs that the entry-level game type can do. The high-performance all-round is lighter and thinner than the game type. Yet its heat dissipation is not as good as that of the game type. Sometimes its performance will be released generally. The surface temperature will be higher under high load. Therefore, think clearly before choosing this type. Don’t complain if these phenomena occur.

Game type: its overall performance is the strongest of all notebook computer types. But what compromises performance is portability and endurance. Most game-type bare metal weighs about 2.5 kg. Some will reach more than 3 kg. The body thickness is about 25 mm. The weight of most light and thin types is 0.9 kg-1.9 kg. The thickness is about 16 mm. Then we talk about endurance. Most light/all-round models have about 8h in light office conditions. Yet most game models have only about 4h. The high-performance game type has high-performance game graphics cards. It can run most games on the market smoothly with high quality. It can cope with more complex three-dimensional scenes. Most of the game models have 144Hz electronic competition screen and GTX1650 graphics card or more. These are relatively rare in mid-range products.

These are the three types of laptops on the market. You have to clarify your usage before buying.