How to Become a Project Manager (Even If You Don’t Have a College Degree)

The average project manager makes $134,504 annually. Of course, most project managers don’t earn this amount when they initially begin, but they work their way to it.

Would you like to become a project manager and earn this much? You might assume you can’t become one without a college degree. However, this isn’t the case.

Many people become project managers without college degrees. Are you ready to learn how you can become one? If so, keep reading this guide to learn the steps.

Consider Your Skills and Experience

First, it might be helpful to consider why you want to become a project manager. For example, do you have skills and knowledge in this area? Have you always wanted to work in project management?

Working as a project manager requires a specific set of skills, including the following:

  • Effective communication
  • Organization
  • Knowledge of construction
  • Leadership qualities
  • Time management

You’ll know if you have the right skills or not based on this list, but you might also need some job experience.

Any type of management experience is helpful, but construction experience is also helpful if you want to become a project manager without a college degree.

Develop Some Work Experience

So, if you don’t have any work experience in management or construction positions, you might want to start there. For example, can you get a job as a laborer for a construction company? Many project managers start there.

Additionally, you can develop the necessary management skills by working as a manager in any job. For example, can you get a management job at a restaurant, store, or gas station?

If so, this experience will help you develop the necessary skills and experience needed for project management.

Take Some Courses

One of the best avenues to take is earning certifications through coursework. For example, you can take courses that teach you how to use project management software.

Additionally, you can enroll in PRINCE2 courses to earn the certifications you need to become a project manager. You can complete these courses in four days, and they’ll help you land a project management job.

When you apply for project manager jobs, you can list your credentials and certifications on your resume. As a result, you’ll have a better chance of getting a job in this field.

Work Your Way Up

Earning certifications is one of the best ways to prove yourself, but another helpful step is to work your way up. For example, you can take a job as a laborer or framer to begin.

After spending a year or two doing this job, you might move up to the foreman position. This job experience can be helpful as you prepare to apply for project manager positions.

With the right steps, you’ll be earning a project manager salary in just a few months or years.

Become a Project Manager With These Tips

Following these tips might help you become a project manager if that’s your goal. Project managers earn a good living but also have a lot of responsibilities.

Is this the job you want? If so, start pursuing it today!

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