How Long Should You Wait After Having a Circumcision in Brooklyn?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about circumcision, and the answer to this differs. The time between circumcision and resuming sexual activity might vary. It is usually advised to wait 4-6 weeks before indulging in sexual intercourse or masturbation. This allows for optimal wound healing and lowers the chance of problems. Following the post-operative care instructions offered by the healthcare professional is critical for a safe return to sexual activity. You can learn more from a urologist at Lazare Urology.

The procedure:

Anesthesia is used during circumcision surgery to guarantee a painless experience. General anesthesia puts the patient to sleep fully, while local anesthesia numbs the region without affecting awareness, and spinal anesthesia numbs the lower body. The procedure usually takes around 30 minutes and is followed by the placement of a bandage, which lasts about 2 days. Pain medication may be used, and swelling and bruising are to be expected for many days following the surgery.

How long do you need to wait?

It is normally advised to wait at least four weeks, ideally six weeks, after circumcision before resuming sexual activity. This promotes healthy healing and lowers the chance of problems. Any sexual stimulation or activity that might stretch the wound or compromise the healing process should be avoided. If you still have stitches or open wounds after four weeks, ask your doctor for advice on when it is acceptable to participate in sexual activity.

It’s critical to avoid engaging in sexual activity or masturbating too soon after circumcision. Even if you believe you have healed, continuing to do so might result in issues such as unusual discharge, edema, bleeding, pain while urinating, stomach pain, and even erectile dysfunction. It’s better to wait until you’ve fully recovered and then talk with your doctor about whether it’s okay to begin sexual activity.

Final thoughts:

It is critical to hydrate with healthy fluids, avoid strenuous activities, avoid processed and junk food, strictly follow prescribed medications, and consult with your doctor about the use of petroleum jelly or alternatives to alleviate any discomfort while urinating. These precautions will aid recovery while lowering the chance of problems. If you have more questions about the dos and don’ts after getting a circumcision, you should consult a urologist in Brooklyn, New York, for more advice on your condition. The urologist will walk you through everything you need to know.