How Long Does My Newly Relined Pipes Last?

Alexandria is a suburb in Sydney, nestled 4-kilometres south of the central business district. It has grown in popularity as a destination for your professionals, retirees, and newly married couples due to its relative proximity to downtown. Those who are original residents of the neighborhood would hardly recognise the area today. It has become a bustle of activity as more families have relocated to the suburb. 

With the growing population, you need retail shops, restaurants, supermarkets, and other specialists who will provide service to residents. For example, if you need an electrician, dentist, or mechanic, you do not need to go far to contact one. Also, plumbers are available if you need 

pipe relining in Alexandria.

Pipe relining involves realigning the damaged sections of your plumbing system, instead of replacing the entire thing. It is a simplified explanation because multiple methods are being used depending on the issue at hand. 

The technique yields several benefits:

  • You save money – Relining is cost-effective because it only targets the damaged part of the pipe. Instead of overhauling the entire system, they isolate the problematic area and apply the necessary solution. 
  • Less damage – The pipe relining is not as invasive compared to the traditional pipe repair or replacement. For instance, the plumbers would not have to dig multiple holes or a large ditch to get to the pipes. You would really love this method, especially if the pipes are running underneath your landscaped garden. 
  • Quick and painless – The technique is popular due to its surgical precision. Using special tools, they can diagnose the problem and pinpoint the damaged section. Since it is quick, the work will also not disrupt your routine. 

How Long Does Pipe Relining Last?

Before answering the question, it is best that you know the common types of pipes used in most households in Australia:

  • Cast iron – You can still see multi-storey buildings using cast iron pipes to deliver water to the different units. 
  • Terracotta clay – You do not see clay or terracotta pipes being used nowadays. The older homes that feature them are already upgraded to newer materials.
  • PVC – Newer homes now use PVC pipes because they are cheaper and easier to install. For example, you do not need a plumber’s tools to lay down or replace PVC pipes. 

Cast iron pipes are the least durable because they are vulnerable to corrosion and rust. They last about 30 years, although they could also hit 100 years. Terracotta can last up to 100 years, although they are prone to cracking because of their rigid structure. PVC pipes, meanwhile, can last more than 50 years and up to 80 years. 

Perhaps the best benefit of  pipe relining in Alexandria is how durable it is. For example, when your pipes are replaced by resin, the material is designed to last 50 years or more. You will hardly find a service provider offering less than 10 years in warranty. But when it comes to the warranty, the plumbing service can throw a high number out there because they are confident about their product. 

So, when you consider the amount you save if you opt for pipe relining than the traditional method of pipe replacement, then you get to maximise your investment. Talk to your plumber if pipe relining is the right option for you.