The most important factor in this choice is whether your therapist is actually a psychologist. Many fake psychologists try to apply treatment and therapy without their knowledge. To prevent this, you can ask the person you are considering to see his / her diploma or Psychological Association member card. It is your legal right to request this; If the expert doesn’t show this, you may need to do a better investigation.

It is very important to communicate directly with the therapist you are considering getting support with. You can ask him / her directly about the therapy and process. Fees, method of payment, duration of sessions, creating appointments shape, such as working hours  issues  please do not hesitate to ask!

Online Psychotherapy begins with providing information about your emotions, behavior and personality. Psychotherapy exists to teach you to deal with the problems that you will encounter throughout your life and this is the purpose.

There are many types and each takes a unique approach. The person to whom you will receive psychological support determines the approach and type that suits you and deals with you within the framework of that approach.

In some cases it will be sufficient alone, in some cases it is necessary to continue with drug support. It is all about the mood and condition of the person. In psychotherapy, the main purpose is not to have fun and wait for it to give you the right, but to help you get to know yourself, and it is necessary to get support from an expert psychologist and therapist to help you in this way.

Online Psychotherapy

They get training to help you by getting down to the source of your problems and intervening from the beginning, they work to understand your entire mental state as required by their branches. Collaboration with the client and the expert can be seen as a partnership.

When the task of the psychotherapist is finished or when he / she is considering terminating his / her duty, the client should not necessarily need another place, medication or any doctor, and the psychotherapist decides to terminate the treatment if he knows this at the end of the treatment. Otherwise, the treatment process may be prolonged.

Situations That Need Psychotherapy

Generally, individuals who need psychotherapy are people with mental problems. While psychotherapy alone is sometimes sufficient to solve these problems, sometimes it is necessary to take supplementary psychiatric drugs. Those with obsessive disorders and addicts are among those who need psychotherapy more.

Depression, stress, schizophrenia, and disorders caused by stress in social life are seen as problems that require psychotherapy. Although there is no risk that will affect your health, there will only be confrontation and anxiety because of the old age.

You have the chance to overcome these situations with the support you receive the therapy from. In today’s conditions, classical psychotherapy has left its place to online therapy. In the classical psychotherapy, face-to-face interviews are made in psychotherapy, while online therapy is possible to meet from where we are, not face to face.

Technology supported and the client and psychotherapist come together using technology. The classical method and online therapy are not different and the only difference is the way the sessions are applied.