How Can You Improve Game Skill With Table Tennis Robot?

There are multiple books and even table tennis robots that can help to sharpen your game skill. Advanced technology has made it possible for robot makers to add some great features. The basic robot structure uses a couple of spinning wheels and throws balls. It depends on the manufacturer and quality the balls may not be ideally round or the mechanism of ball throwing is not precise. So, there is always a variation degree in shots. However, many people use this to enhance their skills.

Practice is essential to master the skill. It is also crucial to learn how to hold the bat, your body position, your stance, your arm movement, and your footwork.

The Power Pong Omega Robot uses 3-wheel technology that simulates unique playing conditions. The robot is designed to deliver shots at different spin speeds as well as trajectories. It helps players train with classic combinations, which are hard to accurately replicate. Visit to learn more about its features.

How table tennis robots can help to improve game skills?

Some areas of the game will need specialized help like –

Backhand and/or Forehand backspin vs. topspin 

Many players are weak in this action. Use the robot to feed backspin repeatedly and work on correcting these shots. With lots of practice, the stroke action gets imprinted onto your brain. The stroke comes automatically and naturally!


Players with a little fit can use the robot for different footwork drills. Practicing footwork movement is curial while making transitions from forehand to backend strokes and vice versa. The robot sends the ball in irregular or regular pattern because it has multiple pre-programmed drills.


Robots can do short spin back serves. It is good for flicking drills for both kinds of strokes.

Play fast rallies 

The robot can throw balls quickly and makers have shortened the stroked. The player can recover fast and align with the robot. Now, players can dominate rallies by playing closer to the table.


A robot is unable to return serves but a robot with ball collector abilities encourages players to drill serves more as they don’t need to pick balls from the floor.

Read spin

The players can choose the spin type before the robot starts throwing balls. You know the spin type and practice the stroke accordingly.

Read opponents

The robot does not resemble a human, it is a machine. Your opponent offers crucial information about their game skills. Here a machine cannot but your coach can help.

Awesome features of table tennis robot

  • Ball frequency
  • Placement
  • Speed
  • Spin variation
  • Random play
  • Service
  • Programmable training drills
  • Pre-set training drills
  • Ball recycling

Before you start robot training create a plan. Spend a maximum of half an hour on each drill. When playing with a robot count your hits, so that you can push your limits by adding speed, depth, or other variations. Push placement limits for footwork drills because you can learn wide hits with precision.

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