How a Business Lawyer Can Help You Recruit Talent

About 50% of small business owners said that hiring in 2022 was more difficult than the year before. And small business owners are not alone in this frustration. Everyone is feeling the pressure to find the right employees.

The longer it takes a company to fill a position, the more money they lose every day. This is why so many companies hire a business lawyer. They know how to find qualified talent who will be loyal to your organization.

Read on to learn how they can make hiring talent easier and more efficient for you.

Lots of Connections

Their years in the industry mean they know a lot of potential talent. They know who is looking for a job and who might be interested in joining your company. This means they can quickly find the right person for your position.

You don’t have to scour job boards or spend hours searching LinkedIn profiles. A good business lawyer will use their network to find a candidate who’s an ideal cultural fit for your company.

Excite the Potential Employee

One of the most common mistakes that employers make when they’re trying to recruit a candidate is that they don’t explain how their company is better than others. They assume that because they’re offering competitive pay and an interesting work environment, this should be enough for someone to want to work with them.

A good business lawyer will articulate why your company is a good fit for this person. This means discussing what makes your organization unique in terms of its culture, growth opportunities, and benefits packages. Your potential employee will be more likely to come on board if they think your company is the best out there.

Describe Your Policies

The lawyer will inform potential employees about any rules or regulations that apply specifically within your organization or industry. This includes things like dress code policies, hours of work required per week, training programs, and other factors.

They can use their business law experience to explain some of the legal implications of these policies, including what happens if an employee breaks the rules or fails to meet expectations. They can also share any upcoming changes to these regulations.

Because this information will be coming from a lawyer, it will carry more weight than if it came from a supervisor or manager.

Ensure You’re Following the Law

A lawyer can explain what laws exist regarding hiring in your industry. This can include laws about discrimination and harassment, as well as what you can and cannot ask a potential employee.

The lawyer will also offer advice on how to avoid legal trouble with your hiring process.

Draft Contracts

A business lawyer can advise you on the terms of your hiring contract and help you structure it so it’s legally airtight. They will explain what happens if a candidate doesn’t abide by its terms, or if one party doesn’t uphold their end of the bargain.

With their help, you can ensure that everything is clearly stated in writing so you can avoid a lawsuit later on. If you end up in legal trouble, your business lawyer will advise you on how to respond.

It helps to choose a company with a few years of experience so that you can get the most up-to-date advice. There are law firms, like Axiom Law, that offer a diverse group of lawyers to help with your business. They will work with you to find the right lawyer for your needs, whether it be a generalist or specialist in one area of law.

Vet Potential Employees

Vetting is the process of screening potential employees to ensure they’re suitable for the position. A business lawyer can save you time by completing this process for you.

They’ll check references from previous employers and even review drug test results. They’ll also look at the candidate’s background, checking for any criminal convictions or other serious issues that could affect their ability to work in your business. Then, the lawyer will provide you with a report so that you can make an informed decision about hiring the candidate.

Guarantee a Diverse Talent Pool

Diversity in the workplace is not only good for employees, but it also helps keep your company competitive. A diverse workforce allows for a wider variety of perspectives on how to do things and provides unique skill sets that can improve the business overall.

By hiring from various backgrounds, you’ll increase your chances of attracting top-tier candidates who are more likely to improve your company’s bottom line.

Help You Navigate Counteroffers

If you’re dealing with a counteroffer, a business lawyer can help assess the situation. They’ll verify that the offer has been made and advise you on whether it’s worth responding to.

The lawyer will provide an opinion on what would be reasonable compensation for your new hire. For example, the average school teacher gets paid around $55,000 per year in the US. Your business lawyer will probably inform you that if another company has offered your potential employee a salary twice as high as yours, it’s unreasonable for you to offer even more.

Let a Business Lawyer Save You Time

When you bring in a business lawyer to help with your hiring decisions, it will save you a lot of time. You don’t have to worry about whether the candidate is qualified or if they’re going to have the right personality. The attorney can do all of that work for you.

Remember that your business is your livelihood, and hiring a business lawyer is an investment in the future of both. To learn more smart business decisions like this one, be sure to check out our blog’s business section.