Hiring a Toxic Exposure Lawyer in New Jersey to Uphold Your Right to Compensation

Toxic substances can cause health harm when it enters the human body. Whether they enter the body through inhalation, skin, and ingestion, exposure to them can lead to serious health impacts. Unfortunately, exposure to chemicals can include anywhere in the workplace, in your home, or through environmental contamination. If you have sustained injuries or developed an illness after being exposed to toxic chemicals, you need a toxic exposure attorney in Jersey City to help you hold the responsible party liable for your losses. 

Effects of Chemical Exposure

Exposure to toxic chemicals can lead to immediate effects or develop gradually. Immediate effects can include nausea, vomiting, death, difficulty breathing, dizziness, allergic reactions, rashes, and others. Effects that tend to develop slowly can lead to diseases like cancer or Parkinson’s disease. Such exposure can take place without a person realizing they are inhaling or absorbing a possibly dangerous chemical.

How Chemical Exposure Can Occur

There are many ways a person can be exposed to dangerous chemicals. And certain individuals are more at risk of chemical exposure than others:

  • Chemical spill. This happens when toxic substances are accidentally released. Although a lot of spills are due to tanker rollovers and industrial accidents, some companies deliberately dump toxic chemicals instead of disposing of them properly. Your attorney can assess the cause of the spill, including weather or work conditions and how companies might deny responsibility for a spill.
  • Chemical fires. Victims of chemical fires can sustain life-changing injuries. Thankfully, they may have a damage claim, which is a complex legal matter that requires an experienced attorney’s attention. 
  • Spray foam insulation exposure. Toxic fumes that can be released from spray foam insulation can lead to personal injuries to those exposed to them. These products contain chemicals with toxic properties that can harm humans. Exposure to these chemicals can cause serious skin and breathing issues. When a person is exposed indoors, they can suffer from neurological symptoms. Victims can file claims against the party that mixed the product during the application or the one responsible for the product’s cleanup or ventilation at the project. 

A reliable toxic exposure attorney is committed to meeting the needs of their clients. They have extensive trial experience and can uphold a victim’s rights to a monetary settlement. Exposure to toxic chemicals can result in long-term or permanent health issues. So, if you are one of these victims, you must seek good representation that you can count on.