Here Are The Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles or bikes are small in size and light in rate compared to other vehicles on the roadway. This is why there is a great possibility for motorcyclists to experience severe injuries and even loss of life as compared to other motorists on the road. To prevent motorcycle accidents, It is essential to speak with an attorney to understand the causes.

Common causes behind motorcycle crashes.

  • Crashes caused by left turns

Many motorcycle accidents occur when drivers turn left near a motorcycle right when the motorcyclist is riding in the opposite lane, and the car decides to drive in the right of way of the motorcycle. It also happens when motorcycles are passing the vehicle and cars decide to take a left turn. Most of these cases in the world crash due to lack of visibility or light. However, drivers are legally obligated to look out for motorcyclists. 

  • Constantly changing lanes without notifying.

This is one of the leading causes of motorcycle crashes. Many car drivers who drive carelessly and make unpredictable Lane changes without giving any signals to motorcyclists are a threat to everyone on the road. Every driver should make sure to access their mirrors and Blindspot before making any plane changes to ensure the safety of himself and other drivers on the road. 

  • Tailgaters

Tailgating is responsible for causing various types of accidents. Often car and truck drivers tailgate motorcyclists and end up rear-ending them. This leads to catastrophic injuries among motorcycle riders as they do not get enough time or space to prevent an accident. 

  • Head-On Crashes

These accidents occur when cars and trucks drive in the upcoming lane to surpass other vehicles and collide with them. Motorcyclists are often the ones on the receiving end of such collisions. These accidents cause numerous severe injuries and damages to motorcycle riders and can also lead to their death. The drivers often make statements involving the inability to see the motorcyclist and avoid responsibility for the crash. 

  • Dooring mishaps

These crashes occur when a vehicle is in parking, and the driver suddenly pulls the door without checking for any motorcyclist passing on the side of the door. This leads to swerving off motorbikes in the traffic and further crashes with other vehicles on the road. The drivers are suggested to always check the road before opening their doors. 

Speak to an attorney today! 

If you get into a motorcycle accident, ensure to speak to an experienced motorcycle attorney who can assist you in filing a claim.