Gift selections for her for Valentines Day

Valentines Day is known for being the ‘most romantic’ day of the year as many of us use it as an opportunity to show affection for our loved ones, including friends and family. On this annual event, across the globe couples will go out for a romantic dinner and the man might even carry a ring with him to propose to his girlfriend on this special day.

In todays time gifting wine on the valentines day occasion can be a good option as well. Though it might not be common but can be a great option and will surely be liked by your partner. You can check out for more information on wine products in order to go for it.

Around this time, shops will start selling cards, teddy bears and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates with kind messages printed on them and traditional Valentines Day gifts may be jewellery or a gorgeous flower bouquet containing roses as the symbol of beauty and love.

It was the Egyptians who first believed that the heart is the seat of emotions as the organ is said to beat faster when getting excited or causes pain in the chest when feeling hurt. Hence the heart became the symbol of affection to this day. Among heart-shaped designs, the Roman god of love, Cupid, with his bow and arrow is also often featured on Valentine’s cards as he was said to strike peoples hearts with his arrow.

Sure these traditional gifts are always welcome, but if you’re looking for something less predictable to give to the woman in your life, there are some options for you below to get some inspiration.

Handmade Vase

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Personally handcrafted gifts are always thoughtful. If flowers are not enough for her this year, why not design a montage with all your favourite pictures and stick it on a vase to make your elegant rose bouquet stand out even more.

Eyeshadow Palette

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Whether she is a busy working lady, a new mom who always has to put on her glam in a hurry or even your bride to be, you can’t go wrong with a versatile palette of different eyeshadows for her to create seductive smoky eyes or to perfect her nude look.

Nail polish Set

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Glorious nail polish not only completes outfits, it also expresses moods. If your lady is one to wear different colours the year round, surprise her with a set of colours which range from reds to dainty nude to cover this season’s shades.


One of the most romantic Valentines Day gifts might be a camping trip to discover all the natural beauty this country has to offer. A tent will not only protect you from the elements, it will house your gear while you’re out and about to explore the amazing resident wildlife.

Cooking Class

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From fine Mediterranean cuisine to handmade Thai Curry Pastes, this Valentines Day gift might even be an investment for the future. A cooking class makes a great gift for the gourmet-loving woman who aims to improve her culinary skills in a fun and entertaining way.

Chocolate Cake

As we know, most women love chocolate. Now think about how much more she will love you if you get her a whole chocolate cake as a Valentines treat. One that might even be filled with raspberry ganache or Tahitian vanilla and a personal love message written on top.

Dine in

If you really want to pamper her on this special day, why not have a chef come to your house and create the most delicious meal while you sit next to your pool with a relaxing glass of wine, taking in the wonderful smells. Chefs will offer any cuisine from French to Japanese to satisfy her taste buds after a hard days work.

Chocolate Hamper

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Being gifted a variety of premium chocolates is a chocolate lover’s dream come true. Have your love indulge her passion for the finest chocolate, biscuits and other chocolate delights with the exquisite Death by Chocolate Hamper that you can even order online.

Heart-shaped Handbag

If jewellery seems too traditional, why not give the love of your life a heart-shaped handbag to carry around all day and remind her of yours? May the material be canvas or finest Italian leather to give her the wild rock star look, any woman loves accessories and a stylish handbag will surely make a welcomed gift.