Get ready for Diwali with our guide to the best celebration ever!

Huddle up people, it’s almost time for the festival of lights, colours, and joy. With only a month remaining, you have very little time in hands before you give in to the chaos of the festival. From decking up your houses to dressing up in beautiful clothes, you might have a list of to-dos to kickstart the festivities soon. 

Before you get into the rigorous planning of the festive season, let’s look at this handy guide to host the best Diwali celebration ever: 

  1. Play dress up 

Diwali is an excuse to go all out with your clothing. There’s nothing wrong with going a little over the top on the colourful festive occasion. So, pull out that favourite sharara or pathani from the wardrobe and look your absolute best. Add some extra bling to the festive season by dressing up in the festive colours- red and gold. Trust us, a little razzle-dazzle on the auspicious season of lights is allowed! 

  1. Keep it simple 

Just because it is the season of sparkles and glitter, you don’t have to go overboard. Don’t forget a little simplicity goes a long way. Keep it as simple as possible. For starters, keep the food bite-sized to combat the wastage. Stick to the basic food items, such as paneer tikka, tawa pulao, kebabs, etc. that are loved by everyone. The idea is enjoying the Diwali celebration together and not promoting heaps of wastage. 

  1. Consider everyone’s taste 

The true sign of a good host starts with keeping track of everybody’s personal tastes and preferences. In case you have an idea of any allergies of the people showing up at your Diwali party, avoid those food items. If your close ones are diabetic, serve them their favourite namkeen platter, such as chaat, masala chana, dhokla, and so on. 

  1. Curate personalised Diwali gifts 

For all the lovely people, get fabulous personalised gifts that will instantly make their day. One excellent way to surprise your guests is by giving them an assorted chocolate box with a dash of personalisation. Pick a box that comprises of everyone’s favourite chocolates and add a heartwarming message on the top. It is one of the great Diwali gifts that impresses everyone, including the kids at the party. 

  1. Have a cool set-up

The festive season is celebrated with vibrant lamps, colourful diyas, and decorative lanterns. So, keep the essence of the festival alive and go all out with your decorations. Jazz up your whole house with fairy lights to match the vibe of the festival. You can also have a cool selfie corner in your house to let your guests take zillion pictures. 

  1. Mix and match a few drinks 

This festive season, the drinks are on you!! So, make it a point you make them strong and fun for your guests. Become the bartender for the night and take their orders one by one. All you have to do is mix and match a few drinks based on your guest’s choices. Have separate drinks counter for kids and adults. While kids can enjoy their chocolate shots, slushies, and smoothies, let the adults have a gala time sipping their baileys, martinis, and cocktails. 

  1. Spread maximum joy 

This year, bring smiles on everyone’s face and make the festival memorable for everyone, including the ones that work for you. For starters, start off by giving tiny presents to your house help, drivers, and maids. Distribute a cookie basket or a healthy snack box to everyone who is a part of your business. These little surprises are the best way to kickstart the larger than life Diwali tradition. 

Put on your hosting cap and get your Diwali party started with these clever tips. Don’t go over the top. Keep it clean and classy this festive season and wait to watch the expression of your guests. All you have to do is breathe and let everyone have a good time at the party. Happy Diwali in advance!