Get Knowledgeable About The Smok Infinix Kit

It is the careful design and the elements included in the smok infinix kit that makes the most useful tool for improving the overall vaping experience. These kits have all the advanced features that will ensure powerful vaping and flavor output taking vaping to the next higher level. Therefore, when you wish to buy such a vaping pod for you, make sure that you are knowledgeable about the elements that makes the complete kit. There are lots of such vaping pods that comes with a pre-filled unit on the market. However, check at the juice level and quality more than the mod-style if better vaping is all you want.

The design

The kit comes in a simplistic yet incredibly sleek design. The dimensions of 110 by 12.5 by 11 mm makes it more compact. It is extremely light and weighs just about 22 grams. The cube-like chassis of these smok pods makes it easy to use and hold in comparison to the cylindrical devices. The extremely small size makes it easy to carry while you travel. It is provided with plenty of power with its integrated 250 mAh battery. You can recharge it anytime through the convenient micro-USB port at its base.

The voltage and other aspects

The battery of the smok pod provides direct voltage output. It ranges from 3.3 to 4.2 volts. The low wattage varies between 10 and 16 watts with a current standby of less than 200uA. The LED light is the indicator of the battery life as well as the device in use. The kit also has a firing mechanism that is draw activated. This means that you will need to simply inhale to create vapor. It also has a horizontal coil atomizer, air-driven replacement and refilling feature, e-liquid injection bottle, and strong, reliable magnets and safety features.