Get Creative! Fun Activities to Fill Your Time While Stuck at Home 

Whether you are stuck at home due to a pandemic or just want some ideas for indoor activities, here is a list of fun and creative ways to fill your time.

You can play board games

You can have plenty of fun by playing board games like Monopoly or Scrabble with your family and friends. Not only is it a great way to pass the time, but you can also test your own skills or challenge each other in friendly competition. 

These classic board games require strategic thinking as well as skillful decision-making, allowing everyone involved to hone their problem-solving abilities and, of course, have an enjoyable time. So if you’re feeling bored at home, why not give these board games a try for a change?

If you’re feeling adventurous, try puzzling with jigsaw puzzles

Stuck at home with time on your hands? Why not mix things up a bit by trying out an old favorite – puzzles? Classic jigsaw puzzles are sure to keep you entertained and engaged, allowing you to piece something beautiful together. If you’re feeling especially daring, why not give an escape room puzzle a go? 

Escape room puzzles can help stimulate creative thinking with complex problem-solving, offering hours of fun while keeping your mind sharp. Whether you go for jigsaw puzzles or escape room ones, puzzling away boredom can be the perfect distraction while spending more time indoors.

Get creative with an arts and crafts project 

While it may be difficult to be stuck at home right now, it’s still possible to have fun and keep yourself entertained. One way to do this is to get creative with an arts and crafts project that doesn’t require a trip outside of the house. String art is a great example as all you need are some nails, twine/yarn, and your imagination. 

Start by hammering in the nails on a piece of thick cardboard – try different shapes like hearts, starbursts, or simple random designs. Then use pieces of string/yarn to connect the various points together in interesting patterns. Cover it up with light fabric when you’re done with a beautiful wall hanging! Take the opportunity of being stuck at home to make something unique that will last beyond the pandemic.

Get outside if you have the chance 

Whether you take a stroll down the block or through a nearby park, you’ll feel refreshed with some fresh air and natural sights. If you have access to a backyard, why not try camping out in the open air, appreciating wildlife from the comfort of your own turf? Build a homemade firepit and roast marshmallows for s’mores under the stars. We all need some time outside these days to unwind and recharge our batteries – get creative and make the best out of it!

Watch baking tutorials with friends

Instead of the usual Zoom catch-up, why not put a unique twist on your next hangout? Get together virtually and enjoy baking tutorials – it’s a great way of killing two birds with one stone! It’ll fill your time in an enjoyable way, as well as create something delicious to eat. Not only that but spending time in the kitchen also helps relieve stress and anxiety. 

So grab some eggs, sugar, and butter; pick out fun recipes online; and invite some friends over for a virtual bake-off. Baking tutorials are an entertaining way of catching up with old friends or making new ones!

Explore virtual museums online

Stuck at home and dreaming of going to the museum but not able to? Not to worry; thanks to a variety of acclaimed global museums, you can now visit hundreds of virtual exhibitions from the comfort of your own home! Virtually explore fine art galleries, natural history collections, open-air archeological sites, live-streaming camera operators with real-time video footage, and even take 360° tours without having to miss out on the wonderful experience. 

Plus, many websites offer access to amazing audio tours and downloadable activities such as make-your-own displays and 3D virtual models where you can really delve into what makes each museum remarkable. All that is left for you then is to gather around the family laptop — with snacks in hand — and join the many people who have gone before you exploring museums online.

Try virtual golfing

With home golf simulators, you can keep your swings sharp while practicing social distancing. These systems come with a variety of features like 3-D tracking, real-time feedback, and automatic scoring to make the experience feel almost like the real thing. You can even involve friends and family by virtually playing together in two or foursomes and competing against one another for bragging rights. So why not try home virtual golfing during your time stuck at home – you’ll have fun, perfect your game, and show everyone who’s boss by posting your best score!

With so many fun activities to keep busy while stuck at home, it really pays off to get creative!