General Note on Dosage Proportion of Clenbuterol Chart

Clenbuterol is an effective med used for curing respiratory ailing symptoms like asthma. It has also been even applied for weight loss and muscle toning.  Fitness seekers and body builders have preferred to use clen for its positive qualities.

The qualities are:

  • Energy booster.
  • Aid in loosing fatty tissues in few weeks.
  • An effective drug to cure breathing troubles.
  • Stimulates body’s metabolism rate.
  • A great body strength enhancer.
  • Minimal side effects.
  • Best drug to be used in cutting phases while using powerful steroids.
  • Most suitable drug to be used by women consumers.

The effect of any medicines depends upon multiple factors:

  • The quality of the drug or medicine.
  • The severity of the symptoms needed to be cured.
  • The desired results the user prefers to gain.
  • The dosage proportions.

The dosage level of any drug varies. The measurement of the proportions depends upon numerous influencing considerations.

They are:

  • Age of the consumer.
  • Purpose to take the drugs.
  • Health history of the consumer.

Like any other potent drugs, Clenbuterol dosages has to be taken carefully in accordance to the directions given by your medical examiner or experienced dietician. Otherwise, there are chances of falling sick.

Here are few helpful pointers for taking in right proportions of Clen:

  • Initial dosage level: To lose weight men need to take only 40mcg per day and women consumers need to have 20mcg per day. Have lower dosage level in the beginning weeks will help to reduce the side effects and let the consumer’s body adjust to the stimulating effect of the drug. The dosage can be continued for maximum three weeks.
  • Increase level in dosage: As it is a beta-2 stimulator, the need to take the dosages in moderate levels become essential. In next three weeks the dosages can be increased to 40 mcg to 60mcg level. You can divide the portions equally to be taken partly in a day. Few regular uses of steroids prefer to take above 60mcg per day in the cutting phases of taking steroids.

Sometimes Clen tablets are taken along with other powerful steroids for acquiring added benefits in less time period and even to minimize the health issues. Dieticians and medical professionals have suggested Clenbuterol dosage proportions to be taken in required quantity rather than consuming them excessively for quick results. This can jeopardize their health.