Flower power- How fresh blooms can transform your space

Their vibrant colors, sweet scents, and natural beauty bring life and positivity wherever they go. Adding fresh flowers is one of the fastest and easiest ways to give a space a makeover.  Fresh flowers also provide an instant sensory upgrade through their delicate scents. You’ll find even a simple vase of flowers can perfume an entire room. Having flowers in your living and work spaces also reduces stress and anxiety levels according to studies. The balance of colors and organic shapes in floral arrangements are naturally soothing for our brains.  

Tips for decorating with flowers

They are ready to infuse more flower power into your home or office? Keep these tips in mind as you experiment with fresh floral accents:

  1. Go big with centrepieces– A large centrepiece is a fast way to make maximum visual impact. Choose a statement arrangement for your dining table or coffee table to anchor the room. Go for height and drama with blooms like orchids, roses, dahlias, and lilies.
  2. Mix colors and textures-Combine different floral varieties to create interest. Choose blooms in complementary colors like orange and purple or red and pink.
  3. Use blooms to soften hard edges-Place bud vases or small floral arrangements atop counters, desks, sideboard tables, mantels, and shelves to help break up sharp lines and soften the look.
  4. Add florals to unexpected spots-In addition to tables and counters, try placing blooms in empty wall sconces, on a tray atop your coffee table, or tucked into a bookcase. Let them pop against an empty wall or hide inside a decorative basket.
  5. Choose flowers with scent-To maximize sensory impact, opt for fragrant blooms like gardenias, peonies, jasmine, roses, lilies, and lavender. Place them near seating, in entryways, or beside your workstation.
  6. Include greenery and filler– While bold blooms are the stars, don’t underestimate the power of foliage and filler. Greenery like ferns adds great texture and a lovely, natural look. Fillers like eucalyptus or baby’s breath help complete the arrangement. 
  7. Rotate blooms regularly- To keep floral displays at peak freshness, swap water, and trim stems every 2-3 days. Replace blooms once they start to decline, usually 7-10 days. Freshening your flowers regularly maximizes their visual impact.

Shop for fresh flower delivery online

Want to outsource the hard work of purchasing and arranging flowers? Many services now offer delivery of professionally designed fresh floral arrangements right to your door. Here are the top reasons to shop for flowers online:

Convenience mississauga fresh flowers shop whenever with just a few clicks and get flowers delivered on your schedule.

Selection – Online florists offer much wider assortments of flowers than local shops. Get exotic blooms.

Customization – Many online services let you customize everything from colors to vase styles.

Reliability – Scheduled regular deliveries mean you always have fresh blooms.

Value – Online flower delivery services offer very competitively priced arrangements.

They are ordering flowers online, read customer reviews and shop early to ensure your preferred delivery date schedule weekly or monthly subscriptions for ongoing delivery. With online shopping, fresh flowers can become a simple, affordable habit.