Finding the Best Scaffolding Company in Sussex

Scaffolding plays a key role in building and renovation projects. Although temporary, scaffolds allow workers to perform most of their construction duties such as building, painting, and window installation and repair work. The main purpose of scaffolding is to provide an elevated platform for workers and building materials. As you plan for other construction needs, it is, therefore, ideal to consider scaffolding.

Scaffolding is a must in any repair or construction project. There are several companies offering scaffolding in Sussex. Before commencement of any construction, you need to have thought of scaffolding. Where can you find the best scaffolds? This is a tricky question especially if this is your first construction project. For starters, here is a guide to help you choose the best scaffolding in Sussex.

Scaffolding types

There is no one universal scaffold for all constructions. The scaffolds differ depending on the size of your construction project. Generally, there are three main categories of scaffolds. They include;

Supported platform system – this is the most common type of scaffold. This defines an elevated platform raised above the ground. The platform is built of either wood or metal depending on the weight of materials used. It is then supported by strong frames and poles connected to the ground.

Suspended scaffolding – this is a metal or wood platform constructed at a certain height. They are similar to supported platforms only that they are not supported from the ground. A suspended scaffold is anchored to the top of the building by stable ropes.

Adjustable scaffolding – these scaffolds are common in multi-storey buildings. This type of platform is flexible as it can be lowered or raised with the use of pulleys.

Building design

Scaffolds differ depending on your building design. It is therefore important that you consider your building design prior to consulting a scaffolding company. After determining the type of scaffold required, choose a company that is experienced in such scaffolds. From their portfolio, you can determine whether a company is the right choice for your scaffold needs.


You definitely want the best scaffolds. In any construction site, safety comes first. Which scaffolding company assures you of maximum safety? The best way to be confident of a scaffolding company is to check its experience? How long has the company been constructing scaffolds? Are they experienced in projects similar to yours?

Scaffolds are vital in simple and complex construction projects. Ignoring scaffolds in any project can be very expensive. Have a safe and smooth construction project by choosing the best scaffolding company. The cost of scaffolds usually depends on the size of your project. However, there are reputable and experienced companies offering quality scaffolds at affordable prices.