Facts You Didn’t Know About Protein Powder

Australia is well-known for its leisurely spaces and wide, open areas conducive to physical activities such as running, contact sports, and other athletic activities. No wonder Aussies are some of the most healthy people on the planet too.

Still, it wouldn’t hurt to use any tool that gets you fit as fast as possible. If you have been working out regularly and have been aiming for muscle gain or weight loss, you might already be using protein powder or at least have heard of it. Because of its many benefits, many people have sought to buy Australia’s best protein powder.

Is the protein powder all hype, or is it helpful for your body? Some facts you should know about protein powder are:

Protein Powders are Supplements for Your Diet

Dietary supplements enhance your diet with extra nutrition for weight loss or muscle building. They are in many forms like capsules, or this case, powders that you can mix with water or liquids. It is a source of superior quality protein that your body needs from food alone.

There are Two Sources of Protein Powders

You might get overwhelmed at first when choosing a kind of protein powder to purchase. Several types of protein powders branch out from two different sources: plant-based and animal-based sources.

1. Plant-based Proteins

This protein source has many different kinds: hemp, soy, pea, or rice. It is suitable for people on a plant-based diet or lactose intolerant as they are usually lactose-free and vegan friendly.

The protein content of plant-based powders has fewer branch-chained amino acids (BCAAs) than animal-based proteins but still, vary depending on the type of plant they’re made from. This is why some brands sell combinations of plant-based proteins to supplement each other’s lack of the lacking BCAAs.

2. Animal-based Proteins

As its name suggests, this protein is sourced from animals and is usually taken from milk or egg whites. The most common types of animal-based protein powder are whey and casein made from cow’s milk.

Unlike plant-based proteins, the animal-based powder is considered a complete protein as it has all nine essential amino acids needed to create protein. In addition, it also contains BCAAs that are vital for muscle growth.

Protein Powder Can Help Boost Your Metabolism

There are two ways in how the body burns your calories through a high-protein diet.

1. Diet-Induced Thermogenesis

This happens when your body blazes more calories than usual by breaking down protein rather than fat or carbohydrates, which results in a higher metabolic rate.

2. Gluconeogenesis

A high-protein diet stimulates gluconeogenesis, where glucose or sugar is produced from proteins or fats without carbohydrates.

Whether you’ve been using protein powder for a long time or just researching whether it is for you, it’s better to know a lot of information before consuming anything that goes into your body. Many people have done a lot of research to find Australia’s best protein powder, so better do your research, too.

Your health and nutrition should be your priority. That’s why you must know how protein powders can be beneficial to you.