Everything You Need to Know About Online Dispute Resolution


Is your business overwhelmed with online disputes? As the number of interactions increases, the number of online disputes can increase as well.

Having an online dispute resolution system in place can make the process easier for all parties involved. It results in satisfied customers and clients and less work for you. It can also improve your bottom line, as dispute resolution is a type of customer service.

Here’s everything you need to know about online dispute resolution, including how to implement a system that works for your business.

What Is Online Dispute Resolution?

Online dispute resolution (ODR) refers to any variety of technology that assists or replaces the ways in which people have resolved disputes. An ODR platform will walk each party through problems that need resolving in a case until a resolution is met.

Popular companies that use ODR systems include PayPal and eBay.

It’s sometimes confused with alternative dispute resolution (ADR). However, this is a procedure for settling disputes outside of a courtroom instead of litigation. Some courts have turned to ODR to help manage caseloads and better serve litigants.

How Resolution Centers Work

When customers or clients have an issue, they often start by sending a message online to another party. For instance, a customer that never received a package might use an online resolution center to select an option like “I never received this package.” Businesses can also use the resolution center to state issues like not receiving payment for an order.

An online dispute resolution system handles and manages requests and cases.

Using technology to handle disputes can result in both parties walking away satisfied. It also means your business won’t have to wade through a sea of online disputes, which can quickly get overwhelming.

The Benefits of Online Dispute Resolution

There are many benefits of using dispute resolution services for business. Online dispute resolution is a type of customer service. You can help protect your company’s bottom line by offering stellar solutions.

According to Zendesk, 84% of consumers consider customer service to be a key factor when choosing whether to support a company.

Once you’ve pinpointed an issue, you can begin to figure out which technologies and dispute resolution methods you need to solve it. As such, ODR systems can vary depending on the industry. A triage system would look quite different from marketplace ODR services.

It also reduces the workload for you and your staff. Almost everything is handled through technology. This benefits a variety of industries from law firms to suppliers and distributors and more.

When choosing solutions, consider RPA automation. RPA automation streamlines the process of recovering lost revenues.

Effortlessly Handle Online Disputes

Online dispute resolution is a broad term that includes technologies that assist with disputes. Having the right solutions in place will save you time and money, and help you to avoid losing customers.

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