Essential Live Streaming Options for You Now


One of the definitions of streaming that we can give is the one that refers to seeing or hearing a file directly on a web page without downloading it to the computer. Streaming is fashionable because consuming multimedia files has become a necessity for users of courses, events, contests, social networks etc.

Therefore it is nothing strange to think that streaming can be a totally valid tool to incorporate into our marketing strategy. Inn case of smartcric live streaming  this is important now.

Streaming and Social Networks

The broadcast of live videos is something that no longer escapes us. It has been permanently installed on television platforms and it is even possible that in the future we can consider not depending on the cable having certain conditions of speed and techniques many of us prefer the services offered by platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, HBO and many others that They are emerging and competing with the traditional landscape.

In the case of Social Networks it is clear that they have clearly seen the reef that is the broadcast of live content for the generation of content. Because let’s not fool ourselves, what Facebook calls Stories is nothing more than pure and hard streaming. Have you considered the live video in your brand strategy?

  • In 2003 we met the live broadcast via Skype and in the process the use of this technology was facilitated to anyone with minimum connection and equipment and without having to have large facilities. Any of us could become a real-time video-skyper, although we still have to wait a little longer for this phenomenon to reach laptops, tablets and especially mobile phones.

At the moment that Social Networks begin to bet on the option of live video on their respective platforms is when technology begins to advance to put the user in their hands all kinds of tools. Let’s review some:

Applications for live broadcasts

Do you remember Gerard Piqué’s first broadcast of enormous repercussion? Specifically, he announced on twitter that at the end of a game he was going to make a broadcast as a press conference in which he would admit questions. From that moment on, the Barça player began broadcasting and his number of fans shot up.

At first, Periscope was the application to use on twitter to make live broadcasts . However, in 2016 and seeing that the other networks began to compete with their transmissions, he announced the function of streaming video without having to go to the Periscope application. However for many (I include myself) this app is still the engine of the transmissions made on twitter.