Essential Factors To Help Determine Asbestos Presence At Home

Sydney has one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world. Based on the data gathered by Global Property Guide, the New South Wales capital is still on the top spot of the costliest property market in Australia. The city has a mean house price of AU$890,400 as of Q1 2020. It means that it is over 25{b3b47b4ce3613a8ae866741a21452b80454d4cde38f39b62399bbbfc1a1a9f3e} more expensive than the other places in the country. 

Despite the expensive homes in the city, plenty of Australians still choose to buy a property in Sydney to enjoy all the benefits of living in the city. They can be close to some of the biggest business districts in the country where they can find plenty of job opportunities. The famous Australian tourist attractions like the Sydney Opera House and pristine beaches are also within reach. 

If you are planning to buy a property in Sydney, you need to ensure that the house is structurally safe and built properly. These buildings will serve as your shelter in the city, so make sure that they protect you from harm. Since some Sydney homes were built before the 1980s, it tends to contain asbestos materials used during the construction. If asbestos particles mixed with the air, it can cause plenty of health risks to the people living inside the house. Asbestos Removal Sydney services are often required when buying old houses in the city because the naked eye hardly sees these particles. 

Since asbestos parcels are hard to distinguish, it would be difficult to know if the house contains this dangerous material. Here are several signs that you need to watch out for to know if you need asbestos removal services for your Sydney property. 

Date Of Construction

Asbestos Removal Sydney service providers would often ask their clients about the construction details of the house to determine if it contains any asbestos. Australia banned the use of asbestos completely in December 2003, but homes built-in before the 1960s contain blue asbestos (crocidolite) until it became prohibited in 1967. Meanwhile, the houses built until the mid-1980s still contain brown asbestos (amosite). If the house that you plan to buy was built before the banning of asbestos in the country, there is a chance that it still contains these health-risk construction materials.  

Vinyl Tiles 

Vinyl floors may contain more asbestos levels compared to other tiles used in residential properties. The synthetic version of linoleum is popular during the 1980s because of its water-resistant and versatile properties. If the house uses vinyl flooring, there is a huge chance that it contains asbestos material. 

Pipe Insulation

Before Sydney authorities and the rest of the country banned the use of asbestos during building construction, home builders used white or grey asbestos to insulate pipes. The material can help in fireproofing the property and boost the insulation in the structure. If the house that you are considering to purchase was built during the 1980s, it could have plenty of asbestos materials due to the pipe insulation. 

How Asbestos Removal Sydney Services Detect Asbestos 

Asbestos removal service providers use modern technology when searching for asbestos in your home. Some of the devices that they use include handheld spectroscopy, traditional microscopy, and magnetic field to check if you have asbestos particles inside your property. Once any of these instruments detect the presence of this chemical, they would need to remove it safely right away. 

Asbestos fibres can have plenty of health hazards. If you will be exposed to it more often, there is a higher chance to get asbestos-related diseases. So always make sure that the house that you buy in Sydney is free from this material to protect you and your family’s health all the time.