E-liquid composition and its flavors

E-cigs are simple electronic cigarettes with a very basic design. Different parts of the e-cigarettes carry out a different function. The quality and the vapor amount is determined by the atomizer, and longevity is controlled by the battery. It is the e-juice flavors and type which controls the liking factor of the overall vaping experience.


The composition of E-liquid Mate e-juices is very simple. Most of the e-juices have four basic components. Vegetable glycerine and Propylene Glycol are present in higher percentages.  Other two major components present in e-liquid are flavoring and nicotine. The user can select e-liquid depending on the desirable nicotine level and preference of flavors.

Vape juices are available in the market in almost all kinds of flavors. The list of e-juice flavors is very long. Starting from sweet and light fruity flavors to the strong tobacco flavor the list is endless.

Types of e-liquid flavor

The flavors of vape liquid can be classified into four major categories.

  1. Tobacco flavored vape juice: one of the major components of traditional cigarette is tobacco. Hence for anyone who loves smoking, the first preference in e-juice flavor would be tobacco. It also helps smokers in fulfilling the craving for smoking.
  2. E-liquid with single flavor: This category of e-liquids have a single flavor in them. Almost all kinds of fruity flavors are available in this category. Cola and coffee are some other popular flavor in this category. Some companies manufacture unique flavors like different kinds of pie flavors.
  3. Multiple flavored E-liquid: The flavor of e-juices under this category is selected by the user themselves. Although thousands of flavors are already available in the market, it can still happen that some users may not find the flavor of their choice. Hence, there are e-juice companies which allow the users to make their own flavor by mixing existing flavors.
  4. E-juices with high VG: The flavor intensity is quite high in case of e-liquid which have high VG. Very few companies succeed in achieving the right mix of VG and the associated flavors. For users who like High VG Vape juices selecting a known and reliable brand is the best option.