Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Help You Breathe Easier And Sleep Better?  


You’ve seen or possibly knew about Himalayan salt lamps eventually. These lamps, mainly produced using pink salt stones, have been springing up left and right in home décor stores recently. Whenever lit from within, these lamps transmit a warm, quieting sparkle.

Besides their embellishing style, adding these light pieces to the spaces you involve the most, similar to your office, room, or parlor, will filter the air! But are those benefits actually true? Below are some important things that one must know –

But How Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

When Himalayan salt lamps are warmed, they are said to draw in water from the surrounding air, shaping an answer that delivers an overflow of negative ions when it dissipates, as indicated by a study in the Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Ions are electrically-charged particles or atoms, and we want equilibrium of both positive and negative particles to keep a healthy environment. But, unfortunately, various ecological variables like pollution, hot and dry breezes, and, surprisingly, electronic screens imbalance positive and negative ions. So in this sense, Himalayan salt lamps go about as a natural air purifier.

Do These Lamps Help in Enhancing Sleep Quality & Making Breathing Easier?

By balancing positive and negative ions in the space, Himalayan salt lamps diminish the symptoms related to skin and respiratory conditions like psoriasis and asthma, boost the mood, and even advance sleep quality by soothing the environment & cleansing the air around.

How These Lamps Assist in Proper Breathing?

These pink salt lamps decrease respiratory issues in those with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This is expected to some degree to the salt lamp’s capacity to remove air allergens & irritants.

In addition to the fact that a person can use a salt lamp, they can also buy a Himalayan salt inhaler available online or in the pharmacy store.

The idea of breathing Himalayan salt comes from the old act of halotherapy, in which people with asthma would live in salt caverns. Obviously, taking in tiny salt particles can assist with clearing the aviation routes and separate bodily fluid.

How These Lamps Assist People with Insomnia?

On the other hand, using a high number of electronic gadgets discharges positive particles. As a result, you will often feel loosened up when you are around the ocean. This is because the natural vibes, sea waves, storms, etc. are responsible for generating negative ions. Himalayan salt lamps work exactly in the same way generating negative ions. These lamps will assist you with breathing effectively, decline feelings of anxiety, and work on the blood and oxygen supply.

Another related fact with sleeping issues is that all those products with a screen emit blue light; restrict the body from releasing the sleep hormone melatonin. Himalayan salt lamps, on the contrary, offer a soft orange glow that assists with increasing melatonin production usually, as it lets your mind know that it is night and time to sleep. It is wise to open yourself to the soft glowing orange light of these lamps before bedtime. These are great night lamps and positively affect physical & mental health.

Are These Lamps Safe to Use?

There has been no research that shows that Himalayan salt lamps are unsafe to use. The soft glow and other benefits offered by Himalayan salt lamps appear to be safe to use overall. However, it is suggested to keep these lamps away from the children & pets.

Himalayan salt lamps add a great look to the office & bedroom and are capable of resolving many health issues. Because they emit an all-natural warm glow, they pose soothing effects on the person who is stressed, anxious & tired. And this stress reduction & relaxation automatically helps manage respiratory & sleep problems.

As glowing Himalayan salt lamps are pleasant to look at, they probably offer many substantial health benefits. Trying a Himalayan salt lamp may sound like trying an ordinary lamp, but it is a perfect home remedy for easy breathing & better sleeping. And if something as simple as this can help provide relief from breathing issues & insomnia, why not? Himalayan salt lamps are a great option altogether!