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The coca shrub, native to South America, is the plant that produces cocaine. Known as “snow,” “coke, or “blow,” this extremely addictive stimulant is sold as just a fine white powder on the street. Crack is a crystallized form of free base that emits a crackling noise when smoked. Cocaine is generally diluted with white powders such as sugar and corn starch, when sold on the street.

Cocaine is still often abused because of its addicting potential. According NIDA, the number of fatalities caused by cocaine abuse increased by 42% between 2001 and 2014.

Addictive Qualities of Cocaine

The FDA permits use of cocaine as a general anesthetic for minor surgical procedures despite its status as a Schedule II drug with a significant potential for abuse. Tolerance, physical dependence, and withdrawal symptoms may develop over time due to long-term cocaine abuse. Drug addiction may be on the horizon if one continues to use while experiencing negative consequences, such as deteriorating health.

Here is an instance of how easy it is to get addicted to cocaine:

An exhilarating rush is produced by cocaine, but it wears off quickly. To counteract the negative effects of cocaine’s high, the user often turns to more and more of the drug in an attempt to feel better. Dopamine quantities in the brain rise as a result of cocaine use, regardless of the method, resulting in happy feelings and a desire to continue using.

Cocaine Addiction: What Is It?

Having a cocaine addiction is described as the inability to stop taking it, even though it is doing you physical or emotional harm. Recreational drug users may not always culminate into addiction. It’s important to note, however, that excessive cocaine use might be an indication of a more serious issue if you neglect your commitments in favor of the drug, suffer from cocaine cravings, and spend most of your time either acquiring or using the substance. You may also have a stimulant abuse disorder if you’ve previously attempted and failed to stop taking stimulants.

There Is Hope for Those Addicted to Cocaine.

It’s essential to stress the importance of therapy in the treatment of cocaine addiction. A medically assisted detox can help a patient prepare for an inpatient treatment program at an early stage. Treatment for cocaine addiction must include both one-on-one and group therapy sessions. Mental health concerns that are connected to drug usage might also benefit from inpatient treatment. An individual with anxiety, PTSD, depression or any other mental illness may benefit from therapy based on a dual diagnosis. Long-term recovery is more likely in an integrated approach that addresses substance misuse as well as co-occurring mental health concerns.

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