Detailed study of best high powered blenders

If you want to have a high power blender but your budget is not permitting you then it is completely fine because you do not need to spend so much on a blender. But yes if you want to have a blender which last really long and also can very good frozen Smoothies then you have to expand your budget a little bit.

How does a regular blender vary from a best high powered blender?

Low powered or regular blenders generally have small motors in their blades. The blending task that they perform usually produces grainy textures and also they are not very long lasting.

Ordinary blenders also cannot perform the task of liquefying vegetables and fruits like kale stems, berry seeds or ice. Here we need to use the high powered blenders which can perform the liquefying ingredients perfectly. Generally these high powered blenders come with much stronger motors than that of the ordinary blenders.

Test yourself to find which the best high powered blenders are

Nothing can be better than trying out few recipes in a high power blender. You can always make green Smoothies where you can add frozen berries, kale and ice cubes. Strain the mixture through a sieve which has a good mesh to test how much pulp or seed is left behind. Also you can make hot soup since most power blender has the capability to heat but ingredients while blending as the motor blades produce friction which provides the necessary heat. Also make some cocktails to see the ice crushing power of a blender. A good power blender can do this ice crushing task perfectly as it is provided with razor sharp blades.

Usability and design of some of the best high powered blenders –

  1. Some high powered blenders often come at a cheap price but surprisingly can work very well. They can blend kale stems and leaves smoothly for a nice glass of smoothie. They might leave behind some berry seeds though. These blenders when used for making cocktails may result in a glass of grainy product. These blenders come with different speed controls and have presets for soup, Smoothies and dips. They have low profile container that can fit in any kitchen cabinet. These blenders can also have a tamper setting for bursting air bubbles. But these high power blenders get a little loud when the motor is turned all the way up.
  2. Some high powered blenders have great consistency and are graceful enough to make it a dream to work with these. The Smoothies made with these blenders are silky and very smooth in texture. But the problem is they leave some berry seeds behind. These types of blenders come with many settings which allow performing different kind of cooking techniques. They allow you to make purees, Smoothies, dips, cocktails and even can grind coffee beans. The speed control allows you to start at a very low speed and then slowly and steadily you can build up the speed. These allow us to heat up soups but prevent it to shoot up towards the lid. They come with various speed dials and levers which helps us to turn the machine on and off and for switching between variable speeds. The variable speed dial is very easy to work with. The tamper control of these blenders is the best. Before buying a high powered blender once should not forget to check whether it has black flecks problem. These are PTFE pieces which are often found in nonstick coatings that break off the gasket around the base of some blenders.
  3. Before buying a blender the design of the blender should also matter to the customer. A nice blender which is sleek black and has light illuminated base would killer in your kitchen. Also keep in mind that the jar should be user friendly and that it can fit any kitchen cabinet. Preset blender setting feature should be there in your blender. Variable speed control system and levers are very important for blenders. The noise generation level for most high power blenders are more so make sure that your power blender has brush less DC motors in their blade which causes less noise.