Dark Side of the Internet

What do we first recall when we just begin to think about the internet? Just after you’re done with visualizing the good things, only thing comes to your mind would be the bad things. Few of you must be aware of the dark web while others may not be.

For those who don’t know about the dark web. It is a kind of haunted house in the world of WORLD WIDE WEB left for the all kinds of illegal activities to take place. It is the workplace for hackers, spies, and cybercriminals.

Overview of Dark Web

Recently there have been many cases where curiosity of the user has led them to this dangerous place. This means that dark web and its results in few cases have been horrible. The first time that user visits the dark side of the internet he isn’t generally aware of the potential danger to their privacy.

It is often seen that people download binary files from unknown sources through the dark web. These could be trails of malware, also sometimes ransomware which could deeply affect the financial state of the company. Other dangers of getting the system infected through JavaScript viruses also remain a threat to the user.

TOR Browser

The TOR or The Onion Router browser is the most popular way to access this dark side of the internet. The reason being it just tries to preserve user’s anonymity. But the recent search shows that TOR isn’t able to do that job perfectly. So another solution to this must be found soon. Read here depth Tor Browser Review.

Contents of Dark Web

A first time visiting person would be mentally shocked when he sees the content available on this dark web. Pornographic content can be viewed on normal WEB. But a different level of this explicit content that happens to be illegal like Child Porn or videos of Rapes are widely available on this dark side of the internet. Getting vulnerable to such content could be harmful to some visitors.

Deep web

Another bad but little less bad part of the internet is the Deep web. It is just a part of internet excluded from the reach of all search engines. When a normal WEB user would visit deep web for the first time, the size of the deep web would surely shock them. There is a wide range of illegal businesses that prevail in the deep web. This could be said as the main cause of cybercrimes. As their illegal activities cannot be traced easily, criminals can freely work without any fear.

Businesses from dark web

All the businesses like selling weapons, Cyber Viruses and also drugs are most common in this section of the internet. The business of illegal pornographic content also prevails in the deep web.  All the payments to these businesses are made through a virtual currency named “Bitcoin”. This payments cannot be traced. Hence make it difficult for Cyber-crime cells to trace the criminal activities

Threats through normal web

If not only through the deep and dark web, the normal web could potentially be hazardous for users. Most of the teenage users that spend time on internet gradually move away from real world and develop feelings of anxiety, depression, and sadness.