Customized Mugs Online – A Trending Gift

Gifting is a way of telling thanks, showing concern and respecting your loved ones. Though Indians gift more costly material gifts like Jewelry, Money in the form of cash, gifting a person in India is also changing from time to time. Nowadays, Gifting Gift cards, online money transfer, Vouchers, Discount codes are a trend. Gifting a customized product also is a popular trend among Indians. Customizing portrays more about feelings when compared to the above gifts. Among customized gifts, Customized mugs have been one of the popular gifts these days. Many online sites are also offering customized mugs online. Let’s see the ways to get a customized mug.

How to customize a Mug:

Mug printing is printing a person’s image, a design or quote or a chosen image on a chosen mug. You can choose the type of mug like there are various kinds like Classic, Porcelain, Ceramic or magic mug. The following steps explain getting a customized mug online.

  1. Select an online service:

You have to choose an online service that provides the best mug. You can take the help of reviews and ask many customers about their works,

  1. Select a high-quality image:

Yes, for customized mugs online, you have to select a good and high-quality image because if any wrong happens, modifying a print on the mug is difficult.

  1. Upload details on an online website:

After deciding a website and an image you need to sign in to their site and place the order. You can specify your own details like the effects you need to be printed, The time the product has to be delivered, The address that has to be delivered etc. You can select the type of mug that you need and you have to upload the image that satisfies all the requirements as shown on the website. You can use discount codes for having the customized corporate gifts online at a lower cost.

Customized mugs online do cost starting from 200 rupees and the price go up depending on your requirements. There are even magic mugs which are mugs that change color due to heat transfer. You can customize these magic cups too. These mugs have heat sensitive paint on them in addition to the image transfer on the cup. This digital printing happens using a transfer paper and an image which is color printed.

Types of Customized mugs:

Customized mugs have many varieties. They are as follows:

  1. Personalized mugs:

These mugs are personalized like they have an image of a person and that mug depicts the owner which is a person, couple or a family.

  1. Mugs made for an organization:

These mugs depict their organization. These mugs have a print of a logo, motto or a caption of that organization. These types of mugs are often used for promotion issues.

As these mugs are customized, they are a great option for gifting or promotion


This article tells about the evolution of human gifts and the way you can get customized mugs online. This article explains various types of customized mugs and the various steps involved in getting a customized mug.